Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Family Thoughts

Family is so important. Which is why its so great that I get along with Josh's family. 

I'm not going to lie at first I thought it was a challenge to get his parents to like me, and then I met his grandparents. Now i'm thrown into drinks with his aunt and uncle and the other week we went for a meal with 9 new faces! That was definitely a fun one. 

It makes it easier that Josh's family are incredibly loving and easy to get along with! 

What made me think of this is that I probably spend more time with Josh's family than my own! Which is really be honest but the older all the kids get the less time my family spends together! (I've just added get the family together on my summer goals list.) 

It doesn't help that my family is probably the opposite of Josh's, for a start i wouldn't call anyone in my family a drinker (let alone heavy drinker)! Excluding myself and Abbie of course. Whereas Josh's family love a good drink. Most of the time we get with Josh's family its probably for a meal which turns into drinks, whereas my family would rather whack out a boardgame than the shots! 

Though I have to say after my aunt and uncle's anniversary meal a few weeks ago Josh and my sisters boyfriend Jack got so into playing I think they enjoyed it more than anyone else!

Then there's the fact that my older sister who is a similar age to Josh does everything she can to get out of family arrangements, yet half the time its Josh who's dragging me to these things! Dragging is the wrong word maybe because I definitely go willingly and looking forward to it, but it gets my point across. 

I started thinking about this a lot recently over the past month because we've been out with Josh's mom's sister and her husband many times to their local pub and ended up dancing and very tipsy, we went for a curry (i don't even like curry) with his dad's cousins Ali and Wendy and the meal where I met practically all of his dad's side of the family in one go which was pretty nerve racking considering i just thought it was going to be the four of us! 

And the weekend just gone particularly where we went to a barbecue at Ali and Wendy's house and I had an amazing time. Ali and Wendy in particular are very funny and loving people and along with another of Josh's relatives Sarah (not sure how they're related its hard to keep track of that and names haha), who we now have plans to visit in Bristol later on in the summer. And the rest of his family are very easy to get along with and there's no awkwardness (thank god). 

It just makes me think how hard it would be to be a part of Josh's life if it was any different, and to be honest i would definitely finish this post up saying that I don't know who I would miss more if me and Josh decided to go seperate ways, him? Or his family? 

*josh is the one with the white moustache, which he may actually look like in the next thirty years* 

Would love to hear your input in the comments! Do you agree with the importance of getting along with the other half's (yes i was introduced as Josh's other half and his work friends call me his "mrs" which I find very weird as its new to me and we aren't getting married anytime soon) family?

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