Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Reasons Why I Need So Many Pairs Of Jeans

Yes, Mom, I did write a blog post about this. Because this is very important... It is, honestly.

I think the biggest reason why I have so many is because if I find a pair of jeans that fit nicely in bum and length I automatically buy them (being short with not so skinny legs means if I find a pair that don't scrunch up completely at the bottom is a godsend), as long as they aren't crazily priced though. Then there's also the jeans that are usually over priced but are on sale... These, in my opinion are the worst because lets face it, you know they fit, you know they don't wear and tear easily but most importantly they're fifteen pounds down from fifty and that is the hardest thing to resist.

Another problem I find with jeans is that there are so many colours. Acid wash is not the same as just plain old light wash and then if they're ripped then they count as completely different as well. Not only this but I need a blue pair, black pair, floral pair. There's pink, blue, red jeans and then there's jeggings...

Obviously, I know I don't actually need more than two or three pairs but you try telling me that when I spot a slightly different pair in a shop. These ones are made with a stretchy material! This pair are ankle grazers totally different to my other pair! The excuses are endless and sometimes I think I need hypnosis, whenever I go shopping my first thought is 'I need a new pair of jeans' and my mum'll be like 'No, Hollie. You really don't.' 

I guess, everyone has their fetishes, I don't over indulge in shoes (not include my countless pairs of converse), bags or necklaces. It's the jeans that get me... 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Marmite Opposite

Marmite. You either love it or you hate it, this is why it's so great. If anyone asks you if you want Marmite you say yes or you say no, there's no internal battle that delays your decision by a few or twenty minutes.

If only curls were this simple, am I right? They look amazing if I do say so myself and they are indeed my preference of style. Yet, I find myself shooting dirty looks towards others perfect curls on straight/up hair days or at the curling wand when i'm up half an hour earlier to inflict great measures of heated abuse to my hair.

Not only this but holding the wand means i'm left with an aching arm, on both left and right, which I hate. Nonetheless it's a great arm fat reducer which I love.

Do you understand the struggle I go through every morning? I would like to confirm this is a first world pain and i'm being mildly sarcastic and extremely over exaggerate right now. I am a hundred percent sure that most girls (excluding the natural curly's) have this problem and part of me wishes that one day I will decide whether I love or hate curling my hair but until then...