Monday, 10 October 2016

How to: Planner Stickers

I haven't really delved much into the planner world on this blog yet, and I have decide its time. I looked everywhere (if everywhere means Etsy and Pinterest) for a bonfire night weekly kit for my planner but I couldn't find one anywhere so I decided to make one. I put some photos up on a facebook group and it had really good feedback so I thought I would 'how to' it on the blog! 

You will need: 
- A computer with Microsoft on it, but I am pretty (not at all) sure that every computer magically is born with Microsoft on it anyway.
- Google
- A printer and paper (sticker paper is preferable but not a must). 

The fancy dancy software program I used was powerpoint.. I left a pause for laughter there. Yes its that simple! I may as well call this stickers for dummies (I might). When you've done it once you can keep it as a template and just switch out the pictures/colours from then on which is even easier peasier. 

Measurements you will need, I am actually not joking describing them because when I did my research I got soo confused. 

Full boxes (the ones with the pictures)
- 1.5″ x 1.875″

Heart checklists( the ones with the.. Hearts) 
-.35″ x 1.875″

Half boxes (half the size of full boxes) 
-1.08" x 1.875"

Littles/Headers (the ones that say littlethings/uni)
- 1.5″ x .25″

I started with full boxes! To do this just pick a theme, head over to google, and get saving some cute images! I went with patterns a qoute and glitter. Insert them into your powerpoint presentation and right click, choose format picture, make sure to untick the option relative to original size and write in the measurements as listed above! Simple! If you were planning on making stickers to sell then I would stay away from google images but for personal use.. Google away!

Moving onto heart checklists! I picked a basic banner/flag think out of shapes and then because I couldn't find one that fitted what I wanted added a square box on top. I then grouped these together and right clicked to bring up format image where I changed the size, and also chose the colour (or image which you would use for a glitter check box) for the checklists!

 To complete the checklists I then added four little hearts in the box, I chose these to have a fill colour white (right click, format pic) and played about with the transparency until I was happy at about 30%. You pick whatever works best for you!

Group the hearts and the box together and then copy and paste for however many checklists you want!

For half boxes I picked a rounded rectangle shape! I resized it (right click..) and then I filled it with a colour, or an image. I think images look very cute and really make the kit look different and special if you choose an image. Then created a smaller rounded rectangle made that a white fill and once again made it slightly transparent, layer that over your bigger rectangle and you get beautiful half boxes.

Lastly is your littles! For these I chose a rectangle shape sized them the same way as everything else, picked a fill colour added text and ta da! A copy and pastable header.

It really is that simple!

For you guys though i'm including the pdf in this post for the bonfire kit, just in case you would like this one in particular I am very proud of it! I wanted to get this up asap, but I have no printer at home right now so when I have printed the kit and planned with it I will include a mock spread of it!

If you do make your own or use mine for a spread i'd love to see it! Comment it or even email me:

I hope these instructions were easy to follow, any questions leave me a comment! 

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