Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A daily Tay link up!

The Daily Tay

Someday I will...

Someday I will go to bed at an acceptable time consecutively for a week.

Someday I will accept that some coats are just not warm enough no matter how pretty they are.

Someday I will realise that my mom is always right, today is not that day.

Someday I will own a cat, just one.

Someday I will conquer my fear of heights.

Someday I will join in a discussion about politics and know what I'm talking about.

Someday I will enjoy work.

Someday I will figure out what I want out of life.

Someday (far far away) I will get married and start a family.

Someday I will travel outside of the UK.

Someday I will read wuthering heights.

Someday I will stop hoarding.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The only place better than the internet.

I would just like to clarify the only place better than the internet is a place that has internet, whoops.

Curled up in my duvet is where I belong. You can’t deny it we all feel that way sometimes. There’s something about my home that’s very appealing. It could be my family (when they wanna be nice), my mom who provides me with comfort and security. Or my sister who (unknowingly) hives me unlimited outfit choices and gives me someone to moan at when I’m moody. (I apologise.) Either way it wouldn’t be the same without them.

It also wouldn't be the same if it wasn't warm. I know, I know. It sounds weird, but you don’t really want to be distracted from the latest episode of 90210 because of chattering teeth. Do ya now? This isn't always understood by my mom because of heating bills-whoops!

Then if that isn't enough take a few (exhausting but) short steps upstairs and you’ll find my bed, where the magic happens. By magic I mean blogging, instagram stalking and excessive supernatural watching. Duh.

If I'm being completely honest though the most exciting thing about it is the food, haha. The smell of spaghetti bolognese or roast dinners that wafts from room to room is sensational, but actually eating the food... That’s even better. My house is the best umbrella, if it stars to rain we can all head to mine and play just dance.Most of all though you shouldn't forget, home is where the wi-fi is.

The below photo is so not staged.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Life's biggest hurdles.

Optimism is one of my best qualities and pessimism is my worst. Is it possible to be both optimistic and pessimistic? Yes, I certainly am. Depending on the day of course. Usually if the day/week isn't going well my thoughts follow suit, this is the same for a good week. Sometimes I just need to see the worst and let it out of my system with a moan or a cry because I'm a girl.Then I can be like 'oh yeah, that's actually not bad at all' and feel really stupid about the whole thing. Yup. This happened a few times this week so I thought I'd share them and

For example. 
Situation: School says I cannot retake Maths in November.
The pessimist in me: Is a)extremely annoyed that I was one of only two that aren't aloud b)deciding that I'm not going to revise any more because what is the point and among other things like kicking myself for not getting an A in the mock and wanting to strangle anyone that told me 'exams aren't fun' or 'it's a good thing' Of course exams aren't fun but I still have to take it c)panicking because when I am aloud to retake in June I have about nine other exams already. (I only have one other in November so it makes sense to take it then, no? No.) 
The Optimist in me: Is a) thinking of how much extra time I have to revise maths to better my grade and hoping I reach an A soon so I don't have to stress it in June b) realising I only have one exam to revise for, for November and that I know I can ace it and c) two less exams to worry about having coughing or sniffling in (flu seasons rough). 

Or some much simpler moments

Situation: English stop day. 
Opt: Lot's of revision, I'm going to ace this exam. This means listening and concentrating.
Pess: This is so boring, I'm going to fall asleep and learn nothing. What's the point. 

Situation: My hair straighteners broke. 
Opt: I won't be burning my hair today and have an excuse other than 'I'm lazy' for not doing my hair. 
Pess: My hair straighteners broke, I'm broke. 

Situation: I have to walk home because I spent my bus fair on Dr Pepper. (Don't tell me you've never done this)
Opt: Good exercise, lot's of fresh air. Dr Pepper. 
Pess: It's raining, it takes me an hour to walk and I can't drink fizzy drinks until after school anyway so I should have waited until I got home.

Lastly, a much much simpler one. (We all know I stayed up to watch it.) 

Situation: Supernatural is on, it's an American show I can't watch it until two am. 
Opt: It's supernatural, duh? 
Pess: Four hours sleep. 

I have to say that I usually jump straight to a bad conclusion and then realise ten minutes later it isn't the end of the world and cringe at how stupid I was. Whoops. Feel free to leave times when you've done this so I don't feel so stupid, haha. Much Appreciated. I also feel like the purpose of this post changed even more as it progressed but (my friends hate it when I say this) yolo.

I wanted to include a picture and since it's Autumn guys... This is outside my house, so cute!

Friday, 18 October 2013

DIY Lanterns For The Autumn Evenings

  •  Tin can
  • Hammer and nail
  • tea lights (or any small candle)
  • Matte black paint and roller (optional)

Step 1: Begin by taking a tin, it can be any old food tin. Open it and either eat the food or pop it in a container and into the fridge for another night.

Step 2: Take the lid completely off and wash the tin out, then refill it with water and pop in the freezer over night or till frozen. Freezing it stops the can from bending or losing it's shape when your hammering the nail in.

Step 3: When frozen, take the tin out. I used the edge of the nail to draw out a shape first in the frost. Better safe than sorry haha! Then I just placed the nail on the can and and tap it into it with a hammer, I thought I'd have to use a lot of force because it was frozen but it was really easy and simple! 

The end! It's literally that simple, do a few more hearts (or whatever you would like to put on it) to finish it. Pop in a candle when it's dark and there you go! With Halloween coming up though I decided to make a themed one as well! You could hang it in the porch lit up and ready for the trick or treaters!

 Attempting to spell out boo. I would suggest using smaller letters or a can that's wider, maybe an empty paint tin? 

If you wanted to add more spook to your lantern paint it using a matte black paint I just bought a small tin from Wilkinsons. Be sure to lay out some newspaper beforehand!

Getting messy!

Finished product!

Stay tuned for more diys! They're so fun to do. 

Another tip, if your looking for a cute diy gift, you could personalise these with names etc or add some wire/ribbon to it and hang it from tree branches at partys? Don't forget when you light it though that metals conduct heat so don't touch it! Ouch.

If you try this out I wanna see pictures! You can tweet me or tag me on instagram, @hollieapples or leave a link to a blog post in the comments! 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Can We Dance?

Exactly a week today was my presentation evening, if you don't know what a presentation evening is I'll give you a quick run down. Throughout the year I do a number of dance exams and then once a year around September all of us girlie's (and boys) get together and get our medals all nicely along with some extra trophies etc. So that's what happened this Saturday, and then the party after is amazing too. What's better than a dance floor when it's a party full of dancers? All the little ones were out by ten and then it was left to us and it was one of the best nights I've had in a while. Plus, while I was telling you about this I thought i'd show you my outfit, it was quite the bargain!  
My dress which is a cute little jersey dress which was only a fiver from primark! With a plaid shirt from select which was fourteen pounds, I just unbuttoned it and rolled the sleeves. Finished off with a cute pair of wedge boots and we're sorted! Ahaaa.

Let me know your favourite party outfit in the comments! 
Looove Hollie