Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A daily Tay link up!

The Daily Tay

Someday I will...

Someday I will go to bed at an acceptable time consecutively for a week.

Someday I will accept that some coats are just not warm enough no matter how pretty they are.

Someday I will realise that my mom is always right, today is not that day.

Someday I will own a cat, just one.

Someday I will conquer my fear of heights.

Someday I will join in a discussion about politics and know what I'm talking about.

Someday I will enjoy work.

Someday I will figure out what I want out of life.

Someday (far far away) I will get married and start a family.

Someday I will travel outside of the UK.

Someday I will read wuthering heights.

Someday I will stop hoarding.


  1. Yes to traveling! And moms do tend to be right- guess that comes with the name?! Great list. Stopping by from the link-up :)

  2. Enjoying work will probably be permanently on my "someday" list, hahaha

  3. Wuthering Heights is on my mental checklist as well.
    And you should definitely, definitely own a cat! I've found it's almost impossible to own just one though ;) hahaha