Friday, 4 October 2013

Can We Dance?

Exactly a week today was my presentation evening, if you don't know what a presentation evening is I'll give you a quick run down. Throughout the year I do a number of dance exams and then once a year around September all of us girlie's (and boys) get together and get our medals all nicely along with some extra trophies etc. So that's what happened this Saturday, and then the party after is amazing too. What's better than a dance floor when it's a party full of dancers? All the little ones were out by ten and then it was left to us and it was one of the best nights I've had in a while. Plus, while I was telling you about this I thought i'd show you my outfit, it was quite the bargain!  
My dress which is a cute little jersey dress which was only a fiver from primark! With a plaid shirt from select which was fourteen pounds, I just unbuttoned it and rolled the sleeves. Finished off with a cute pair of wedge boots and we're sorted! Ahaaa.

Let me know your favourite party outfit in the comments! 
Looove Hollie

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