Wednesday, 5 November 2014


It's the 5th of November already??? Halloween has come and gone, Christmas is on it's way! I feel like 2014 will be over way too soon. Anyway... Halloween! One of my friends turned 17 the day before Halloween so I guess I got two Halloween parties. It's been too long since I've last blogged so here I am to tell you about them! 

Thursday night I headed to my friend's house and we had a few drinks while we were getting ready, we whacked some music on and I also cuddled with their pets. Did I go to their house to get ready with them? Or cuddle with their kittens? We will never know...

I went as a cat for Halloween, since I had bought some coloured contact lenses. I drew a spider web on the side of Ellie's face in eyeliner, and I think Annie went as... Annie. 

 I wanted to include this because it made my night, one of my friends wanted to take the orange things home with him. I stopped him before he could take them in the road, because one of us has to be the sensible one, and he said he was coming back for them. It nearly killed me with laughter because he said it so convincingly and was so determined to keep them...

I'm wearing coloured contacts in this photo, and one of them is very wonky and I can't stop laughing. Anyway, this is Alfie.

Here is Bree (or Alice) I'm not really sure.

Halloween #2! 
that actually happened on halloween

Before everyone arrived my friend and I decided to decorate! We carved some pumpkins together as well and baked some cakes... On the funner end of the spectrum, we also made jelly shots, they almost didn't set in time, maybe too much vodka?

Above is Tash, below is Ryan. I work with both of these cuties. Funny story, I had actually never met Ryan before Friday night, I almost didn't believe he worked with us! Ryan showed me how to play fifa, and I beat him, but at one point he actually said to me i'll move all my players out the way so you can shoot... Probably the only reason I did win. We ended up going out afterwards and it was one of the best nights i've had so far. Even if I did go into work at 8 the next morning with absolutely no sleep....

How was your Halloween? Are you excited for Christmas? I need answers! I've been away from blogger for too long, way too long.