Thursday, 21 July 2016

5, 4, 3, 2, 1: How to avoid overpacking!

Follow this method of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and avoid overpacking for a week away. The boyf and I are looking forward to a week in Tenerife and I thought I would share with you a recently discovered godsend.

It essentially means packing: 

-5 tops (which includes jackets), opt for a kimono/denim jacket, I shouldn't be encouraging cheating so early on into the post but wear one on the flight and pack the other as part of your five tops. Then keep your options open with a black one, a white one and a colour one, then throw in a different sleeve length to be on the side of caution.

-4 bottoms, a pair of denim shorts, a pair of cotton shorts, a skirt and for me a pair of white jeans as the Canary Islands can get quite windy! If you don't want to pack jeans throw in another pair of denim shorts for good measure! 

-3 dresses + shoes, opt for your favourite pair of sandals/trainers and a nice pair of heels just in case. For dresses go for a day dress a more evening dress, and a playsuit or maybe some dungarees!

-2 swimsuits + bags, pick your two favourite swimsuits and pack a beach/pool bag along with a little over the shoulder bag for day trips!

-1 pair of sunnies (also goes for hats/watches/ beach towels) I always take 2/3 pairs with me but I know exactly which ones I will end up wearing all week!

Stick to this and you should end up with a relatively light suitcase. Obviously this rule does not apply to the extras that find themselves in your suitcase (toiletries etc) but keeps you from packing 50 outfits for a secen day trip but leaves you with options. 

Things you should overpack: 
- knickers, kinckers, knickers, empty the whole damn draw into that case

Things you CAN NOT forget
- your passport/important travel docs (duhh!) 
- a plug adapter 
- suncream + aftersun

There you go, simple but effective. Just the way I like things!

Leave me a comment with any packing tips you may have...