Monday, 15 June 2015

A Long Process

I'm a lampshade and bedside table away from a completed room. (And I wanted a new duvet cover too, but at the moment the only one's I like are from the white company, i'll keep looking for now.) But I am too excited not to share what i've done so far!

It's been an excruciatingly long process, I've actually moved into my sister's room now she's moved out so it wasn't a rush to complete as I still had a perfectly sleepable room to stay in. Which in one way is good because this was a BIG investment for me as while i'm at college i'm only working part time, my mom and nan have been lovely and helped out where they can but ultimately it took a lot of patience and saving.

This is what the room looked like beforehand:

Waaaaaay back in January of this year (see what I mean about patience!), I began the process of painting etc. I used a white non drip gloss from home of colour for the door, the skirting board and the wardrobe that is built into the wall. Along with home of colour's pure brilliant white matt emulsion (or at least I think it was emulsion I honestly don't know) for the walls and ceiling. The wood on the doors etc had yellowed over time so a quick sand down and a fresh coat of paint and they were looking gorgeous again!

was so excited to paint and start the process of creating my masterpiece, I didn't understand how tedious the task would be haha. It's a good thing I roped in my cousin for help! 

Then a month later in February I finally found a time when I could get my wallpaper up! I went for Graham and Brown Feather Your Nest wallpaper on the walls, at the time it was £19 a roll which is incredibly expensive but I had my eye on it for ages and it was what I planned my room around. When i was looking for a link though I noticed it's now only £12.99! I could've saved myself £15! The pattern is very busy and I wouldn't say its everyone's taste but I fell in love with it, and I still think its incredibly beautiful. My aunt put it up and I think she did amazing! I'm so grateful, I could not have imagined myself getting it up so perfectly but you can barely see the joining lines as it is matched up so perfectly!

The longest wait was for a carpet, not only are carpets and underlay expensive but we have had to put a new boiler in. We had boiler problems since the winter started, but there were so many hoops to jump through first. My mom doesn't own our house, but its also not a council house. So we had to speak to the landlord, and the gas company, then we had so many people come and look at the boiler and talk about the new one. My mom insisted I wait to put a carpet down after we found out our boiler wouldn't be fixed because they would have to flush out the radiators and she didn't know if it would ruin a brand new carpet etc. a week or two ago though the new boiler was put in and I had saved up enough money and I bought a carpet! It's a light grey colour, I didn't want something like a pink colour and my mom refused to let me have a white/cream carpet so that was our agreed colour!

Since the carpet has been fitted though I've put my bed up, moved in all of my stuff and made it personal! The rest has all happened so quickly and I am extremely pleased!

I bought my bed out of the studio catalogue but I can't find the exact frame I bought online, it's been an incredibly long time since I have had a new bed. Since i'm nearly seventeen and Josh has been stopping over a lot more I thought it would be a good investment to buy myself a double bed! I'm really pleased with it and my new mattress is extremely comfortable! The bed sheets are spare sheets my mom had for now, but I think they really suit the room, and I hung the photos on the wall using thin rope and tiny wooden pegs from hobby craft! It's took so long since I started redecorating but I am so close to being finished and right now I can sleep in it and really enjoy how beautiful it looks! I'll leave the remaining pictures of how it looks now and I would love to hear what you think in a comment!