Saturday, 28 December 2013

Crazy at the dinner Table

MERRY CHRISTMAS, I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Christmas is full of happiness, family, food and presents. What more can a girl wish for? It's a time where everyone's happy for a few hours excluding small strops and stressful adults (did you know stressed adults and hyper over excited kids don't mix?). Everyone's extremely grateful and maybe it's just me but I love being with my family on Christmas day it just makes me really happy.

I didn't even wake up till eight but I was still super excited, I didn't expect much this year because my mom was in hospital till Christmas eve and is still really fragile but I was shocked to find quite a few presents for me to open, thanks Santa. After that I rushed to get ready and my Dad picked me up to take me to his house, then my Nan's where my aunt, uncle and cousin were. We also facetimed my other aunt and uncle who live in Australia, they were in the jacuzzi lucky things.

After that I went to dinner with my mom's family which was at my nans, I was seated in between my two cousins and I don't know what was in the food but we literally did not stop laughing, then it was time for more presents! When all the presents were opened my mom and aunts fell asleep while my cousins played with their presents and I played with my phone for a few hours (this happens every year)  until we all headed over to my aunts who lives just across the road. There we had a sandwiches even though we were stuffed after Christmas and played board games until we departed in the early hours of the next morning. Pictures below.

My Christmas was great, how was yours?

christmas jumpers!

my cousin got tattoo pens for christmas oh no

insert selfie here

teenagers can never keep off their phones tut

i need this camera

cracker jokes

6 kids on a sofa 

literally squished together

we played card games as well like cheat which I was shamelessly very good at

Braving The Sales

Ahh, boxing day has arrived (actually it's been and gone but you get my drift); Christmas money at the ready.

Christmas is full of happiness, family, food and presents; what more can a girl wish for? Then the next day you wake up early for an entirely different reason, shopping. Boxing day is so different to Christmas day how they are so close together I do not know.

You can't blame people for wanting to get to the good stuff first (Hollister 40% off anyone, uh yes please!) but people are so rude sometimes and when I've had very little sleep I'm really irritable. It literally took us an hour and a half to park because we waited till eleven to go into town but we did get there and even though I only went into superdrug and Hollister it was totally worth it and I wanted to share with you what I bought.

I ordered some clothes online as well so look out for for that post coming soon after this one but keep reading to see the make-up I picked up.

 I've wanted to try bioderma for awhile and I never see it anywhere but I read about a similar item that I found when I was in superdrug; Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It only cost £5 which is pretty good and I've used it twice now and it's lovely. I bought some oval cotton pads to use with it and it's so much easier than washing my face and it has a deeper cleanse than baby wipes.

I also picked up the Rimmel stay matte powder in transparent to replace the one i'm using now, I've been using it since July so I'm pretty happy with how long it lasts and the powder itself is great too. As well as getting the Maybelline dream fresh bb cream in light, I've already tried the dream matte bb cream by Maybelline so I thought I'd buy the other one this time. I haven't used it much yet but I'm hopeful as it has sp3 30 and is oil free!

I knew I wanted a felt tip eyeliner that would be easy to use because i'm new to winging out my eyeliner and with the one I have it takes me a long while to do. I found the Rimmel scandal eyes precision micro eyeliner, it's tiny (duh, micro??) and it's so easy to control it's great.

I was so excited when the babylips came over to the uk but I very rarely go make-up shopping these days since I have too much but since it's Christmas I let myself and I picked up this one. It's In cherry me and smells so nice, like artificial cherries. It also leaves a pink colour on your lips, perfect for school.

Spots are lovely aren't they? No. That's why I got this, I'm hoping that it clears up my chin and forehead quickly curse my teenage skin. It's very watery not much like a gel would be but it's still pretty nice, it says to apply it 1-3 times a day so when you wake up and before you go to bed should be good enough. I've only used it a few times so I haven't seen a big difference in my skin yet.

Spot gel, babylips and eyeliner.

Yay for shopping ay?

Monday, 23 December 2013

10 little piggies went to Jimmy Spices.

What a guilty little blogger I am, about a month ago we went out to eat for my cousins 18th. It was so nice and I couldn't wait to share it with you but the month of December has not been kind and I've been extremely busy! Mock exams left me with no time after revision and then just over a week ago my mom was rushed to hospital so after school I've been visiting her, but school's out now and fingers crossed so will my mom be tomorrow; just in time for Christmas! So I've got some spare time and lot's to share!
If you've never been to Jimmy Spices then you should stop what your doing and go now! Just kidding, but honestly it's so good there. It's a little expensive compared to a pub meal or your average buffet but it's definitely worth it. Because of how many of us there were we had to find somewhere everyone would eat, at Jimmy's there's so much variety no one's left hungry! 

I mainly just ate pizza and chips (healthy, I know) but my mom and aunt all tried different curries and exotic foods the best part being if you didn't like it you don't have to eat it. 

They have a mixture of oriental , Indian, European, middle east and American style foods. 

You go pick your food, eat and then pick more food if you'd like! 

The drinks there are just as great, you can order from a nice selection of cocktails.

I think my favourite part was the pudding, while the ice cream wasn't as great as other places they made up for it with their other deserts. There was different flavours of jelly, a lovely chocolate mousse, brownie and various cheesecakes. There all mini deserts as well so you can try them all without overeating or just grab more of what you like. 

It's even open on Christmas day if you don't feel like cooking! 

And in true Christmas spirit, mini mince pies!