Monday, 31 March 2014

Dear Mom,

Shout out to my mom, who birthed my nearly sixteen years ago. I have no idea where I would be without her! Since it was mothering Sunday yesterday I knew exactly what to write about, it was the perfect day as it was super sunny and my family headed down to my nans for a bit. We had McDonalds after, I love Sundays!

  I don't feel like writing a recap post hence the short paragraph above so I'm going to do something different, I'm not sure how this is going to turn out so I'll just let you start reading! 

This was going to be a photo heavy post but my mom does her best to avoid the camera! I have no idea how I turned out to be such a camera hogger.

Dear Mom, I loved it when...

We danced to it's all about you by Mcfly and a ton of other country songs in the kitchen while you washed up and I talked your ear off.

When you would let me set up singastar and sing high school musical for you and your friends.

When we covered the hallway with paper and walked up and down it with paint coated feet, even if I did walk to far and stain the carpet with black paint.

When we built a big snow man one winter over the park.

When we played swingball the next summer.

When we walked down to the shop together and I would always ride my scooter.

When we would pick Kayleigh up after cadets and would play the music super loud even thought it was late and if our favourite song came on we would drive round the block so we could listen to it before going home.

I'm grateful that... 

You do actually listen to me even when I think your not.

You put with all my strops.

You've never grounded me, that ones my favourite.

You let me talk about Supernatural and Misha Collins for days.

You read out my German script twice a day for two weeks so I could learn it and still did it when I laughed at your pronunciation.

I can't wait till... 

Till you help me get ready for prom and university and my wedding day. 
(The last one might be a little far fetched, for that I would need a man willing to marry me.)

Till I have my children and make you a grandma, I know you'll be great it.

And till I can grow into a beautiful young woman and make you proud. 

I hope you all had a lovely mothers day, whether you spent it with your mom or your children. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Babies are way too cute, sigh.

I have never been so excited to meet someone, not even Misha Collins (waits for collective gasp). Yeah, I know. It seemed only yesterday when Hannah let me feel her bump while it moved under my hand, there was actually a person in there, what? My sister, Hannah had a baby boy, Who was born two weeks ago this morning, I was itching all last week to meet him because my dad sent me a picture and he is so cute! Last weekend I went to visit with my dad and the first thing I noticed is that he's tiny. I expected babies to be small but this kid is tiny, he was asleep when I first held him and then we had a lovely cuddle and he told me all the gossip from the womb. But seriously, he was staring at me mouth wide open. I nearly died. To make it worse he has a little blue seat for the bath with fishies and turtles on it, so damn cute. I understand now why bloggers blog about being mummies so much, I'm only his aunt but I'm so incredibly proud of him and my sister that I literally showed everyone the pictures. Babies are way too cute, sigh.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Chasing the sun.

Since Friday, the weather has been amazing. I went shopping on Saturday and didn't even have to wear a coat, then on Sunday I wore shorts! Shorts in march? I've become so used to the biting cold and rain that it was a pleasant surprise. I was also going through my instagram photos and listening to spring break playlists on 8tracks and the nostalgia is crazy. I love winter. Christmas, scarves and an excuse to stay in on cold nights but it's all a bit too much after a while. I want to go to the park and not get wet sitting on the grass, I want the sun back and most importantly I want to wear skirts without tights and be able to wear my white converse without them getting super muddy.

It's only March and last year it was snowing well into April, so maybe I'm being a little ambitious but now I've had a taste of that sun I'm ready to swap my good old salted caramel hot chocolate for a lime refresher. So summer if your listening, hurry up. 

Plus, I miss the barbecues! My stomachs getting hungry for some sizzling sausages damn.

Check out my summer favourite playlist here!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

One year, five years, ten: A link up!

I agree to never make edits again, I apologise.

Two posts in one day and another link up? I'm on a roll! Today's link up is hosted by Bonnie. Where did you think (or do you) think you'd be one, five, and ten years after high school and where were you? Is the question and since I haven't finished high school yet (9 weeks, eek!) I'm going to write where I think I'll be in one, ten and five years. Fingers crossed since I'm so close to finishing high school there'll be another post in a year, look out for that guys! 

One year: In a years time I'll be finishing my first year of college (which college I have no idea) and taking As exams, more exams ugh. Hopefully I'll be getting A's but I heard A-levels are harder, school sucks. Hopefully I'll still be doing dance after school and on weekends and I'll rediscover my love for my lessons and not just dance as a whole! Boys. Like dance, I hope to rediscover my passion for boys because while they're nice to look at *cough* Chris Hemsworth *cough* they're so confusing and frustrating I've decided I want nothing to do with them. In fact I think I'll save the rediscovering for ten years. Sounds about right to me! 

Five years: Not to jinx it but in five years I'd love to be finishing up an English degree at Winchester university. How weird is it that I have no idea what college I want to go to or study but I know exactly what I want to do after! Maybe I'll finally be at peace with the male species and I hope to been to my fair share of parties (that means a lot). In five years I'll be nearly twenty one, how weird is that? By now I might be driving, I say might because I think I'll end up taking my test more than once (or twice if I'm lucky).

Ten years: Married? Maybe, this one could be because I'm tearing up over don't tell the bride right now. I don't think I will ever actually twenty five, peter pan will find me soon enough. Right? Just in case he happens to forget though I'd love to be teaching English and writing articles for papers in my spare time, bit ambitious maybe. Do twenty five year old have children? I don't know. I don't think I want children though. Teaching children sounds great to me but having children, that's a whole different thing! 

I've had so much fun writing this post but I've realised just how scary the future is! I can't wait to see some of the other posts in this link up!