Thursday, 30 January 2014

The good old noughties.

Oh how the 00's were good to us. In true spirit of throwback Thursday I dug out the family albums and thought I can cringe and you can feel the second hand embarrassment.
Same person? 10/10 said yes. 10/10 were wrong. Seriously though, my mom and me were so alike it's crazy!?!
Get excited. Here comes a cute baby picture. Cute little nose, red cheeks and blue eyes? What on earth happened when I grew up did someone of a higher power decide I was too cute for my own good and fed me ugly veg.

That little boy second to left, yeah well that's actually me. Fooled ya! Can we talk about the dummy, I always had a dummy. Shameless. My sister on the other hand (first left), somebody give her some sugar.
Ah, the cuteness. Back when I didn't borrow my sisters clothes and she actually showed her affection. The good days. And check out those bangs i'm rocking.
I think this was only like four years ago but a lot has changed since then. I love this picture, I think it's the smiles. So many smiles.
Blackpool was dead when we were done with it. By the masks,cowboy hats and matching cagoules I just know, I can feel it, we meant business. 
I was cool before cool was invented, pink camouflage pants. I rocked that,even in nursery. Here we are again Mr bangs, maybe I should go full fringe again? 

New years eve circa 2004, you can tell I hit my party peak early right? And again with the cowboy hat, is this some kind of fetish I grew out of.

In all seriousness, I'm feeling super nostalgic right now. I think I need a little break! 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Ah, pinterest.

I got my haircut. To say the least I hate it, I can't have had more than four inches off but it looks so short. (So short that nobody could notice I'd had it cut not even when I pointed it out.) I vow to never cut my hair again. I finally got an interview for my first college choice but now, I just want to stay at my schools sixth form. New teachers, friends and a new bus route? It seems a little too scary for me. Then again, I don't think it'll be good if I curl up in a duvet cocoon and shut the refuse to acknowledge what's out there, that wouldn't go too well.  I've come to the conclusion that I fear any sort of change but I have a choice to make.

1) Love my shorter hair, go to college and be totally positive about it.
2) Grow my hair back out and go to sixth form and feel safe.

Oh the dilemmas we face, if this is what being a teenagers like then I certainly don't want to be an adult. And like all times when I need something to push me in the right direction, I head to pinterest for some lovely words of encouragement. Ah pinterest, where would I be without you.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Still Waiting

Waiting is so frustrating, all my friends have been getting and going to college views, everyone but me. I know my form teacher filled out a reference form for some of them and now I'm just waiting to join the college hype which sucks, luckily I have something to distract me, unluckily it's exams. Mock week is here again, oh the joys of being in year 11. It's crazy to think in seven months it'll be all over for good, i'll be moving on to harder exams,longer bus journeys (why are colleges so far away?) and more freedom. Another thing on my mind is prom, it's still a few months away but I'm already so excited and I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect dress. In other (more exciting) news, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles attended the critics choice Awards looking cuter than ever, has anyone noticed they always coordinate?

 True bromance, which also comes off on screen as they won favourite tv bromance as Sam Cas and Dean on Supernatural at the pca's and speaking of Supernatural the mid season hiatus is over and 9x10 was an amazing episode.

Okay before this turns into a supernatural post I'll be leaving.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

When Santa Claus came to town.

This post is a bit late (like a week) but still better late than never. At first I wasn't planning to do a post telling you what I got for Christmas but I got some really cool stuff and I decided to show you some of the things I received!

geeking out
 Christmas morning was really exciting because I got some new star trek dvds but what makes it even more exciting is that they're the original dvds and as much as I love Zachary Quinto (heroes anyone?) and Chris Pine the only Spock and Captain Kirk for me is Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. So these just made my day.


2 of my obsessions in one
 I say obsessions but honestly I just really like butterflies and candles and you know what parents are like you say you like something once and every time there's something with butterflies your mom has points it out, I love it though and the candles really cute.

House phones are back in style
 My aunt bought me a little device where you put your phone in and you can use the phone on a cord instead of your iphone to talk to someone. I think this is so cute and I'm your typical teenager always on the phone to someone instead of studying but I hate putting my phone to my ear, it can't just be me? I hate pulling my phone away and there's like foundation on it ew so I'm really happy about this gift and I've already used it a lot!

Storage is the best present
My mom got me this really cute box with dividers and when I opened it she said maybe you'll be a little tidier now, the cheek! But seriously, it's really cute I can keep rings in it my most used make-up and I might even put some ear buds and cotton pads for when I need to correct my make up or nails.

soap and glory 
I love this brand, I used the mascara and the lip plumper already and they're gorgeous. They are full size and they come in a really cute travel bag which I could put on top of my wardrobe or under my bed with stuff in, so handy; I don't usually like getting bath stuff for Christmas but this is great and I can't wait to use all of these this year!

 My dad, yes my dad; picked out this shirt for me. I was shocked, it's grey with leather sleeves and it's in the correct size! I cannot wait to wear it with cute skater skirts, he did well!

I actually picked these out but props to my dad for remembering which ones I liked. I've already got so much wear out of them, the gold detail and straps are cute the zips mean they're so easy to get on and the heels are chunky and comfortable to walk in. Best boots ever. 
geeking out again
2013 was the year for my fandoms, I joined so many and became way too obsessed with television which explains my necklace. My sister bought this for me after my cousin got it for her birthday and I fell in love. It's Dean Winchester's (if you haven't heard of him you should go watch supernatural) amulet that his brother Sam gave him for Christmas. Quite fitting since my sister bought it me! It has a lot of sentimental value and up until season four he would wear it all the time. I'm obsessed, literally this time.

I just thought about how this picture would look if I swapped the faces over haha.

Anyway, just somethings I wanted to show you guys! Hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! <3 p="">

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014: The year of growth.

New year resolutions aren't usually my thing but I figured that there's a lot in store for me this year and a few goals won't do anything but help, to make sure I keep to these goals I'm thinking of doing update posts every month or two.

Christmas has bought me to the realisation that I do not handle money well, I spend it quicker than I get it and I just can't resist. To help me save I want to start up a bank account since the only one I have is a savings account in my mom's name and since I'm turning sixteen this year I should get a job while I'm at it!

Sometimes I isolate myself, I just feel a lot safer that way. This year though I want to step out of my comfort zone and get involved with people I wouldn't usually and in activities I wouldn't usually involve myself in, no excuses. This is mainly because I'm leaving school this year and while I do go to social 'events' a lot come summer there will be a ton more some including people I'm maybe not familiar with.

This is a big one for me, because I never really have to study for tests a habit of mine has been not studying. In 2013 my interest and attention in school started slipping dramatically and a week before a big mock, I had to cram cram cram just to scrape a B. Even with all that effort I felt like it was nothing special, but it certainly was. So for 2014 I plan to pay attention and study. Maybe now I'll get straight As!

Now, just in case my mom stumbles upon this. I'm not gonna turn into Cinderella pre ball, but I do want to help out a little more, not long until I have to do these things for myself, I may as well do some washing once a week.

I used to obsess over going to school, 100% attendance was a must but recently (now I'm praying my mom doesn't find this) I've been pulling sickys and my desire to be at school is just non existent and how's that going to look on my sixth form application? Not just school, recently I've been skipping dance class more than I should. Unless I'm ill, that needs to stop as well.

I feel like the reason why I don't pay attention so much in school is because I'm tired, so tired. I know I don't get bored because studying is never boring (It's not fun either though). I think the easiest way to clock in a few more hours would be the weekends, and maybe set a goal to get to sleep before midnight two times a week, before eleven two times. Also if I stop going to bed at five am then I feel like this would help, a lot.

I realise there's a lot to think about here, but hey, it's only day one of 365.

*cough* or day three.

Party like it's 2014... Oh wait.


I spent my new years eve with Abbie (surprised, yeah me neither) and the rest of my family. It was so fun everyone was hyped up and maybe a little tipsy, because it's my family we ended up playing board games which is pretty much all we do, but they're so funny because my family's super competitive. Up until about five to twelve and then we all had party poppers and we counted down along with the rest of London on the tv, after the party poppers, singing auld lang syne (which even after 15 new years eves I don't know the words to haha) and lot's of hugging I was so tired but we just sat around talking and it was the best night of 2013.  

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A year to remember.

I have a really bad memory and doing this post made me realise this, if it wasn't for social networking you would only have from September onwards haha. I decided that I would look back on 2013 with you guys with a picture or two and a little bit about that month I guess. I'm actually really glad I did this because 2013 was really bad but this post helped me see the good.

My Nan went to Australia to visit my cousins so we house sat and it snowed, also me and my friends walked like 4 miles in the dark and snow with no phone battery , not some of our best decisions.

Not much happened in Feburary, the only thing I can remember is when Abbie came round to mine and it was sunny one evening so we took photos like the posers we are.

I remember nothing, according to Instagram though I went to Rachel's and that I remember, thankyou Instagram. That was a funny night and we played just dance until like 4am.

Easter! All I can think of from Easter is heading round to my aunts, I think it was snowing and I decided to wear a dress. Logic!

In May it got a little warmer so I spent some time over the park with my friends and went on a day out with Abbie and her family, I can't remember for the life of me where it was but it was sunny that day and we had loads of fun and a picnic then afterwards we had a barbecue. This is also when I discovered Supernatural, the rest is history.

This month I was literally crammed into dance rehearsals, dip dyed my hair and started zumba!

July meant turning fifteen, I did work experience during this month as well as a dance show and I also did my last sports day ever (thank god) got major sunburns, started off the summer holidays and went to another barbecue!

Okay 2013 was the year for barbecues so it seems, I also camped out twice in August, took a trek through the woods and spent a lot of time with my friends. I love summer.

Started year 11! Last year of senior school eek, this is also when I got into blogging! My dance awards evening took place in September as well.

Season 9 of supernatural aired in October, I grew even closer with my friends and of course Halloween!

Apart from bonfire night nothing big really happened in November, I did visit Jimmy Spices though, they had to roll me out haha. Oh and Catching Fire, that was pretty cool.

An awful lot happened this month, my mom went in and came out of hospital, Christmas, my sisters 18th and quite a few parties!

I can't wait for 2014 i'm gonna make it as good as possible! Sherlock s3 on nyd makes it look pretty hopeful as well as a supernatural convention, my sixteenth birthday and I leave school. Looks like it's gonna be a busy year. 

I hope everyone had a great 2013 and I wish you an even better 2014!