Friday, 28 February 2014

The Fairy Tale Tag!

The lovely Jennie from sailboat recently did the fairy tale tag. I've never done a tag before but this one is so cute I knew I wanted to do it as soon as I saw it.

Snow White- Do you consider yourself beautiful?
I don't really know, I take a lot of selfies and I tend to look at my reflection at lost so I think I'm going to say no haha.

Sleeping Beauty-How many hours do you sleep at night?
About two weeks ago I slept from Friday through to Saturday and I was asleep for at least sixteen hours it was crazy, but during the week I usually get four/five hours and then on Saturday/Sunday it's normally eight/ten. I like to sleep but in the week there's so much work/dance/social stuff to do!

Cinderella- Do you have a curfew?
I'm never really out late enough to have one? In the summer I usually get home before it's dark and in the winter I'm usually in by six and if I want to go out again it's usually just up the road, my mom's really lenient about times as long as she knows where I am what I'm doing and who I'm with. Personally I hate being out when it's dark I never really feel safe. 

Making daisy chains with Abbie!
Rapunzel- Do you love being outside?
Yes! I love taking walks through the field by my house before dinner when it's warm and I love fresh air but I also equally love being in my bed watching star trek all day though.

Red Riding Hood- Do you trust strangers easily?
If it's someone I meet through school or dance, then I find it easier to trust them but I don't really talk to anyone who I don't know. 

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids- What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
If someone's funny they're automatically cuter, I love joking abut with people and a good sense of humour is so important to me.

The Little Mermaid- What would you sacrifice for love?
I'm not really sure, I know that relationships sometimes require sacrifices but I honestly can't say what I would sacrifice. 

The Frog Prince- What do you find disgusting?
People who click their knuckles and fingers, one of my friends does this a lot and it sends shivers down my spine. I can't do it to my hands just the idea of feeling that popping has me cringing. Funnily enough though clicking my arms and back is one of my favourite things to do if I have been sitting down for ages.

Jack and the Beanstalk- Do you have any plants?
 No! Plants come to my house to die, I forget that they're there and my mom is equally as bad! We're a plant free house. 

Puss in Boots- Do you have any pets? If not do you want any?
I have two border collies, they are the cutest. They constantly want attention though and if I lie on the floor by the fire to do my homework one of them will sit in front of me and just put his paws all over my work. 

Bluebeard- What is your weak point?
My anxiety, if I'm having a rough time with anything it gets worse. I usually get panic attacks in exams or when I'm under a lot of pressure. I remember around Christmas when my mom was in hospital and I was staying with my aunt and I had just had a horrible week, when I went to see my mom I got lost and the signs freaked me out. I literally just sat down and had a panic attack in the middle of the stairwell. 

Pinnocio- What is your biggest wish?
To be successful! At the moment it's about getting the grades I need to do well, A's all round. A girl can wish, right?

Peter Pan- What is your mental age?
This one's a hard one, sometimes I can act like a little kid and just be crazy but I also act really mature sometimes. It's usually when I'm with Ryan and Daniel in form and they're silly I keep telling them to keep their feet off the table and stop fighting and they always tease me saying I'm the mom of the group. 

The Star Money- What is your most valuable possession?
I don't really have valuable possessions, so I decided to take this question more in the way of if there was a fire what would you grab? I think my scrapbook has so many pictures/tickets and stuff that are pretty much irreplaceable and hold a lot of memories so I can that's valuable for me. 

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary?- Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
I work hard at school and at home studying and at dance I work harder then ever but if we have a supply teacher then I don't really get any work done. More because I get distracted then because I'm lazy.

The Snow Queen- Who is your best friend? What would you do for them?
I wrote a post about my best friend for Daily Tay's link up which you can read here, but I would pretty much anything for her! 

The Princess and the Pea- Are you sensitive?
Very. I have very little control over my emotions and the tears come flowing so quickly.

Godfather Death- What qualities make a good parent? 
The qualities I like the most about my mom is that she listens to me and the one I hate the most concerning my dad is that he interrupts me when he asks me questions to talk to/about something/someone else and just generally doesn't care about what I have to say so for me I think it is definitely about having time for your children and listening to them.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses/ The Worn-Out Dancing shoes- Do you like
parties? I never miss a good party! I'm in my final year of school so while I spend Friday/Sunday studying, someone has a party of some sort going on Saturday and it's keeping me from going insane! 

The Emperor's New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing?
Probably too much, I am the type of person to change outfits ten times and I spend way too much money on clothes, its also a hobby for me. I love shopping and I love putting music on and then just messing in my wardrobe for new cute outfits and all sorts.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave? 
Quite the opposite, I can't explain it but I never feel brave.

If you do/have done this tag feel free to share a link to your answers in the comments I'd love to read them.

Monday, 17 February 2014

I Wanna Be Yours

I'm a bit late to jump on the valentines day band wagon, but hey, better late than never right? Also the title literally has nothing to do with the post it's just a song I  like you.

I have no idea why I was so psyched for February 14th, maybe I could just tell how great the day was going to be.  Before school Abbie, Han and I went to subway for breakfast.

Cheese toasties anyone? That was the best way to start the day and then when I walked into form everyone had a valentine on their desk, and my form teacher told us he'd forgot to lock the door so somebody must've snuck in. How sweet.

I wonder what his wife thought when he was writing thirty valentines day cards the night before. The whole day I was just so excited and happy and I played pictionary in maths with people I wouldn't usually talk to (one of my new years resolutions was to get involved more).

Except for one of my friends, valentines day isn't the most exciting day in the world, it's her dad's birthday and he passed awhile ago so it's not a pleasant day bless her. So towards the end of the day I got kinda fed up with all the excitement that no one else shared and then we had assembly which blows. Assembly? On a Friday? No thank you. To top it all off I got kept back after assembly to talk about redoing my coursework which was bringing down the A I got in my English Language exam. That also sucks. Then I went to maths, which is voluntary but I go to because it's pretty important for my grade and we were doing vectors which got really hard towards the end. That sucked.

So my day went from exciting to kind of flat if that's the right word and I couldn't wait to go home and eat valentines cupcakes and watch netflix.
said cupcakes ooo

 It's valentines day though right? A day for love so it wasn't really a surprise (lie, it was a huge surprise) when Alex walked me home and I made pretty big progress on the crush front. We always walk home together but he was being super sweet and he hugged me because he could tell I was upset and kept implying things that made me blush, teenagers ay?.

My mood soared and I didn't have to wait for the bus because it was sat there waiting and I didn't even run and then I got home and ate cake and watched netflix and decided that I was pretty wise for believing in valentines day. Especially after Dani, Amirah, Hailee and Emily spammed me with valentines on twitter like this one.

Are you still reading this? Then you deserve a medal because that was probably so boring. I'd love to hear about your valentines day!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why we work: link up!

Daily Tay and The Life of Bon, two of my favourite blogs and they're doing a link up! I was thinking what could I write about since I am (and it seems forever will be) without someone of the male gender to pine after I went for someone who's close enough. If you have a best friend then you'll know what I mean when I say I'll never need a boyfriend (near enough). 

Why we work... 
~ We grew up together so there's no awkwardness with each others parents, which is the worst thing ever when your at a friends house.
~ She loves the same tv shows as me so every Tuesday after supernatural we're fangirling on the phone.
~ We both love shopping/parties and being out and about.
~ And most importantly we both like sitting about for long amounts of time. (Which usually happens more than the going out.)
~ We're the same size clothes, this is very handy.
~ Those taboo subjects (weight for me the word slut for Abbie) can be avoided completely and we still get to insult each other. Once Abbie's mom actually asked why we were so mean to each other. 
~ I can get her to favourite tweets I think are funny so I feel less lame. 
~ She let's me burn all her cds onto my laptop and I told her the netflix password. (Changing it is an amazing bribe.) 

The point is this valentines day I don't need a boy, I have...


Funny story, Abbie, another one of friends and I are actually going to subway after school on valentines day; it's a date! Just kidding, it's a tradition. We go to subway after school on the last day of term/half term without fail and have done since year seven. Now I think about it, it's a good thing valentines day's on the last day of term. All those disappointed boys pining for my attention, now I won't have to face them on Monday.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

February who?

I realise we're so far into February that we're able to forget all the horrors January graces us with. School, Christmas weight, colder weather and by the end of it all the motivation you had at the start of the year has slipped away. But then February arrives and the new year doesn't seem so bad your getting into a routine (sort of) accepting that the joy of Christmas is over and Spring is on it's way. So why am I bringing it back up? You were so comfortable with February taking over and now you've been ambushed.

To be honest though February hasn't been kind, I've been really ill and I've missed too much school so now I'm in catch mode, boo! January right now would be welcomed back with open arms, so even though I'm eight days late I'll be reminiscing all the good things of 2014 so far with a favourites post.

January is when I discovered fish finger sandwiches, if your thinking gross. Stop, go make one and then come back because that's what I used to think. I literally ate one twenty minutes ago, they taste so nice.

 It's also when started using my wreck this journal:

 I got one for Christmas but the problem is I'm just not very creative. I was flicking through it when I found a page that basically sad to take a magazine page and circle words that stood out. This one was easy for me, I grabbed an issue of company and flicked to Matt's page, I love reading his. I just picked out a few random words and wrote them on the other side. It's not very creative but it gave me a little inspiration for the rest of the journal, if there any good I might even share them on here.

I've also started reading Mindy Kaling's after obsessing over The Mindy Project book:

It's sort of like an auto-biography but it's such an easy read and when I'm reading I feel like Mindy Kaling just wrote a bunch of blog posts and put them in a book, it's definitely a good read with chapters titled 'Don't Peak in High School, The Day I Stopped Eating Cupcakes and These are the Narcissistic Photos in My Blackberry.' 

And Lastly, if your looking for an mazing song to listen to that will amplify any moon then check out matchbox twenty: how far we've come. 

That's all for today lovelies, now lets get back to February.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

White girls on the loose.

There's a certain level of hipster that you reach and cannot return, today, we were so close. Just kidding, kinda.

I've been so ill recently, I went to school for two days during the week and Friday night I was up until four am and then woke up again at five coughing like crazy. The doctor suggested that it might be early stages of glandular fever which is more famously known as 'the kissing disease', I'm praying that it's not though.

And Even though I was incredibly tired, I got up at ten am Saturday morning and got dressed before jumping the bus to Abbie's, I hate buses and the day when I can learn to drive will be the best day. Abbie and I met up with Hannah and we got another bus (ugh) into town.

I'm not one to go out much, I just prefer the comfort of my home and since me and Abbie are always at each others houses it's never been a problem. One of my new years resolutions though was to get involved more so when Abbie asked me to join her and Hannah I said yeah, we watched The Awkward Moment first which was so good, Zac Efron is so perfect. If you get the chance you should definitely go watch it. Also Abbie got asked for ID which me and Hannah thought was hilarious.

Then we just spent hours window shopping, I brought a dress from h&m and some socks in topshop and Hannah bought a cd but apart from that we just spent about four hours drifting through shops and pointing out cute boys. We went into Hollister and sprayed all the testers, we walked slowly through shops just looking at everything and commenting on random pieces and picking out outfits. We found some of the cutest jumpers in h&m and in paper chase the notebooks were to die for. I didn't realise window shopping could be so fun, then at about five we went into starbucks me and Hannah got salted caramel hot chocolates (yum) and Abbie got a strawberries and cream frap (also yum) and then we got the bus home. While we were in starbucks though a cute boy let Hannah have his hot chocolate before his and he was tripping over his words and damn it was cute.

I was tired Saturday when I got home I just went through tumblr and I'm pretty sure I was asleep by ten but it was worth such an amazing day, I've forgotten how good hanging out outside of the house is, we used to be out all the time in year 7/8 and I'm definitely going to make more of an effort now!

How was your Saturday? Did you do anything exciting?