Sunday, 2 February 2014

White girls on the loose.

There's a certain level of hipster that you reach and cannot return, today, we were so close. Just kidding, kinda.

I've been so ill recently, I went to school for two days during the week and Friday night I was up until four am and then woke up again at five coughing like crazy. The doctor suggested that it might be early stages of glandular fever which is more famously known as 'the kissing disease', I'm praying that it's not though.

And Even though I was incredibly tired, I got up at ten am Saturday morning and got dressed before jumping the bus to Abbie's, I hate buses and the day when I can learn to drive will be the best day. Abbie and I met up with Hannah and we got another bus (ugh) into town.

I'm not one to go out much, I just prefer the comfort of my home and since me and Abbie are always at each others houses it's never been a problem. One of my new years resolutions though was to get involved more so when Abbie asked me to join her and Hannah I said yeah, we watched The Awkward Moment first which was so good, Zac Efron is so perfect. If you get the chance you should definitely go watch it. Also Abbie got asked for ID which me and Hannah thought was hilarious.

Then we just spent hours window shopping, I brought a dress from h&m and some socks in topshop and Hannah bought a cd but apart from that we just spent about four hours drifting through shops and pointing out cute boys. We went into Hollister and sprayed all the testers, we walked slowly through shops just looking at everything and commenting on random pieces and picking out outfits. We found some of the cutest jumpers in h&m and in paper chase the notebooks were to die for. I didn't realise window shopping could be so fun, then at about five we went into starbucks me and Hannah got salted caramel hot chocolates (yum) and Abbie got a strawberries and cream frap (also yum) and then we got the bus home. While we were in starbucks though a cute boy let Hannah have his hot chocolate before his and he was tripping over his words and damn it was cute.

I was tired Saturday when I got home I just went through tumblr and I'm pretty sure I was asleep by ten but it was worth such an amazing day, I've forgotten how good hanging out outside of the house is, we used to be out all the time in year 7/8 and I'm definitely going to make more of an effort now!

How was your Saturday? Did you do anything exciting?