Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas shopping, ice skating and parties!

I feel like November disappeared so quickly, Christmas is days away and I've been so distracted that I haven't posted anything since Halloween... I guess this is one of those classic where have I been posts, but since Christmas is fast approaching I'm just going to skip November all together and let you in on how December's been going so far.

Firstly, I've been spending a lot of time at the German market this year, it's on every year in Birmingham and this year I went up a few times. First to have a look around with Tash, then for some Christmas shopping with Tom. And again with Tom, Charlotte and Mark to go ice skating! It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

I also found myself in London this month, it wasn't so much of a Christmas activity, but it was definitely fun! We were there on a trip with Law and Politics, we went to parliament, the supreme court and downing street! 

And then a few days ago I went to my work's Christmas crew bash. It was a lot of fun, I got very drunk and had an amazing time, Tom took a liking to his Christmas hat and i'm sure he probably still hasn't taken it off... 

More posts to come, I promise! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


It's the 5th of November already??? Halloween has come and gone, Christmas is on it's way! I feel like 2014 will be over way too soon. Anyway... Halloween! One of my friends turned 17 the day before Halloween so I guess I got two Halloween parties. It's been too long since I've last blogged so here I am to tell you about them! 

Thursday night I headed to my friend's house and we had a few drinks while we were getting ready, we whacked some music on and I also cuddled with their pets. Did I go to their house to get ready with them? Or cuddle with their kittens? We will never know...

I went as a cat for Halloween, since I had bought some coloured contact lenses. I drew a spider web on the side of Ellie's face in eyeliner, and I think Annie went as... Annie. 

 I wanted to include this because it made my night, one of my friends wanted to take the orange things home with him. I stopped him before he could take them in the road, because one of us has to be the sensible one, and he said he was coming back for them. It nearly killed me with laughter because he said it so convincingly and was so determined to keep them...

I'm wearing coloured contacts in this photo, and one of them is very wonky and I can't stop laughing. Anyway, this is Alfie.

Here is Bree (or Alice) I'm not really sure.

Halloween #2! 
that actually happened on halloween

Before everyone arrived my friend and I decided to decorate! We carved some pumpkins together as well and baked some cakes... On the funner end of the spectrum, we also made jelly shots, they almost didn't set in time, maybe too much vodka?

Above is Tash, below is Ryan. I work with both of these cuties. Funny story, I had actually never met Ryan before Friday night, I almost didn't believe he worked with us! Ryan showed me how to play fifa, and I beat him, but at one point he actually said to me i'll move all my players out the way so you can shoot... Probably the only reason I did win. We ended up going out afterwards and it was one of the best nights i've had so far. Even if I did go into work at 8 the next morning with absolutely no sleep....

How was your Halloween? Are you excited for Christmas? I need answers! I've been away from blogger for too long, way too long.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Well at least its not Monday..

I woke up late yesterday. I know what you're thinking, an 8:30 start sucks I don't blame you for over pressing the snooze button. Weeelll... No. I wasn't even in until ten am but I still managed to sleep in until quarter past nine, and I was supposed to get on my bus for nine. I ended up getting on at ten which puts me an hour behind, but I was on the bus and I was only going to miss one (which to be honest I couldn't really afford at the moment but you know) lesson. It started raining about half ten, when I would've been snuggled in my hoodie listening to my psych teacher drone on about repeated measures. Yet I got caught in the rain, because I couldn't get out of bed. I eventually got to college and I went to get my id card out of my bag... But there was no id card in my bag. Had I just picked up my leather jacket, I would not have got so wet in the rain and I could be walking through the gates right now and straight to English which while extremely challenging is quickly becoming my favourite lesson. I told the security guard and he sent me home. Sent me home! I have my photo on the school system with all my details, and he sent me home! (Bearing in mind to get to college I have to get on the bus for nearly 40 minutes and then walk through the park for another 15.) So I walked back through the rain to the bus stop. The upside is that I had just got paid, so I grabbed myself a salted caramel hot chocolate before I got on the bus again for another hour journey. I got home put my jacket in the tumble dryer for ten minutes and then headed back to college. My newly dry jacket got soaked again, but at least I had my leather one this time. I got to college at half one, just in time for my Law lesson, which wasn't too boring, and my second English lesson of the day. In English we read some short stories and prepared for my creative writing coursework. To conclude, it was a pretty rubbish day full of bus journeys, rain, and college... But at least it wasn't Monday. I left the house at ten and got to college at half one, that's got to be a record!

On the plus side I have a four day weekend and my birchbox just popped through my letterbox! It's looking very promising as well.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's that time of year again.

It's here. Today is in fact the first day of Autumn 2014, and don't I know it. Yesterday was quite a sunny afternoon, and today was quite a chilly one. Now the cold lasts throughout the whole day, I think it's finally time to get the sweaters out. 

There is so much about the Autumn season to look forward to, birthday meals with the family, parties. Halloween is coming up at the end of this month... Crazy costumes, weird food, and spider webs that are put in your house on purpose! Then there's bonfire night... Bonfires (duh), fireworks, and lot's of burgers. And then eventually Christmas and New Year roll around and maybe it'll start snowing, but that's a different season entirely and we're getting ahead of ourselves. 

But still, it's time to start buying salted caramel hot chocolates, and wearing layers. All the exciting stuff is coming up, all the trees are losing there leaves; and I can't wait to start wearing scarves again! 

Who else is excited for the Autumn season? 

Saturday, 20 September 2014


What better way to celebrate surviving two weeks of college then... Nando's! It was delicious, we ordered a lot of food since there was so many of us. We also ended up in Sutton Coldfield which is about an hour and a half away from where I live?? It was so good to just hang out with some friends and laugh. College has been really stressful, it's a lot harder, and it's a lot more hours. Despite having less lessons, the day is much longer, and the homework has been piled on since day one. On Wednesday I went to college, went straight to work, did my homework on my break, and then finished it when I finally got home from work at 11, slept and did the same thing again the next day. It's crazy, but i'm slowly adjusting. And the nando's wasn't half bad too. ;)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Put it on paper..

I ordered a few photos from FreePrints the other day, which is an app that a friend suggested. I'm redecorating my bedroom, which means my cork board is very out of place. Photos lying around, concert ticket, dance show tickets, holiday passes and valentines notes galore, means I had a lot to work with.

I've also had a Cath Kidston floral scrapbook sat around for awhile, so I was glad I could finally make use of that.

Plus my creative juices were still flowing back before school killed them.

I filled the whole scrapbook so I was pretty happy with that, I love that I have enough memories to fill many pages. I've looked into a new scrapbook and i've found some super cute ones in paperchase, so I might be picking one up very soon. 

I was also thinking about photo corners (I think that's what they are), they save your photos in case you might want to put them somewhere else one day. While this is a great idea, personally I love cutting pictures to fit, like the selfies from a dance show after party above on the left page. Maybe I'll test them out a little, you never know. 

I can't wait to create more memories, and fill many more scrapbooks! 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

New beginnings can be sucky.

(I hope.)

I start college tomorrow, it's now the lesser half of eleven pm, I should probably be asleep. I'm not though, I just got home from a late shift at work, and i'm not even exaggerating when I say I would rather be at work all day again tomorrow. then going to college.

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow, I have no idea why i'm dreading this so much. I've been there already a few times, but tomorrow i'm finally starting my timetable. I don't have any idea of what I could be doing if I weren't at college. Working at McDonalds isn't exactly something I want to do for the rest of my life. Or even for more than a few more years, if i'm honest.

It feels like i'm force feeding myself my education, I know it's important in the long run, but I really hate just the idea of it. I'm grateful that I get an education, don't get me wrong. This chance i've been given to further my education and my prospects, is amazing. I'm just not excited for it. Not excited being an understatement.

Maybe i'll go tomorrow, and fall in love with it. Or maybe i'll hate it and try for an apprenticeship. Either way, it's happening.

I'm anticipating my readers input in the comments, any support and encouragement right now will be very welcomed. And if you're going through a sucky new beginning feel free to tell me about it, and we can sulk together.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Why I am the worst blogger yet.

#1 Sometime I forget to write. It's like the words wont come to me, and if it happens once I usually get put off everything for a good few days. (Or weeks.) I get writing block a lot and only write for myself. I never really imagine an audience, so I forget that this blog means a little more than a diary, and consistency is key.

#2 I have blog shame. I am proud of my blog, but it's a i'm quietly proud. I love my little space on the internet but I am really not someone who shouts about it, or even whispers.

#3 What's a camera? Just kidding. I have a camera, it's not a DSLR, its just a standard camera but I don't know how to use it properly still. It would be much better quality, although I don't really get how to focus it up close, even with macro. For now, I like using my iphone, and I feel much less embarrassed pulling it out. "'i'm just texting." I lie, as I photograph everything.. It's for the blog, but i'll never admit it.

#4 I don't get how sponsors work. Who sponsors who? What does a sponsor entail, and why are they so expensive? Honestly, I never viewed blogging as a job until I really started getting into it and reading different blogs. Blogs that upload daily and have a steady stream of guest posts and sponsered posts, but only enough that you don't notice how regular they are. Blogs so put together that when I go through writers block I realise I really am the worst blogger yet.

Any tips on writers block, and anyone who can explain sponsors to me? The comments are below.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What makes you happy?

I completely forgot to do any goals for August, I was too busy having fun. By fun, I mean working or sleeping. Those two activities took up a whole lot of my time. But i'm back! I cannot wait for September and I've got the perfect goal.

This month, I start back at school, and i'm working weekends as well as some evenings. On paper I am terrified of what lies ahead. 7 day weeks full of work, school work and actual work. Since I am neither a big fan of school or work, my goal for this month is to do more of what makes me happy... When I can. 
When homework is done, and my shift is over I can focus my time on stuff I really enjoy doing. Its such a simple goal but the idea is, if I make the most of my free time, my not free time will be a lot more enjoyable.

Got any goals for this month? Big or little, I would love to hear them. I also challenge all of you reading this post to spend your free time, in a way that makes you happy.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Things I did this summer.

Before summer started, I made a list of #20thingstodothissummer, I only managed about ten of them since I found myself preoccupied with work, but the ones I did manage I enjoyed. Summer's nearly over, so before summers over here are three more. 

#4 WALK UP BREAN DOWN. There is quite a big cliff? If that's what you would call it, where I am going on holiday. The first time I climbed it, I was too scared to enjoy it (i hate heights). So I want to do it again. 

The view from the top, I made it! We ended up walking the whole thing and I only got a little scared once, it was a very rewarding experience!
#5 WATER FIGHT. A little water never hurt no one, it's just really fun to soak people, and I have no idea why.

We had a few water fights this summer using the hose, each were so fun and left us soaked. One time I also ended up ruining my fake tan, that was not so great...

#7 PICNIC AT THE BEACH. Food, sea, and sand. All the best things in one!  

Not so much of a picnic, but we enjoyed chips on the beach one evening, they were delicious, the sunset was amazing. Afterwards we gave the seagulls the chips we didn't eat and they chased Abbie down for them, it was crazy, and I have never laughed so hard in my life. 
#13 RUN 3 MILES. It took me like 6/7 minutes to run a mile, three can't be that hard. (Fingers crossed.)

I didn't run anywhere, but I did walk 14 miles so I'm counting that. We walked to Brean Down and then we walked to the fort and back, it was a day filled with walking and chocolate brownies. Way better than any running. The man in the picture? I have no idea who he is, but after I took this we walked all the way down there and further.

More to come! Sushi, lemonade and a flipagram. Exciting stuff. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

We had a bbq? #20thingstodothissummer

I wrote a post, inspired by one of my favourite youtubers, listing 20 things I wanted to do this summer.

#2 BARBECUES. They are perfect, I may be having one for my birthday, which will be fun! Barbecues are a time for good food, good people, and (hopefully) good weather!

I love barbecue food, it just makes summer. If summer were a food it would barbecued, if winter were a food it would be stewed. I don't make the rules.

It was my first time trying peppers, I didn't like them, they just weren't my thing. We had sausages, burgers, corn on the cob and salad. Always gotta have salad. I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian, I don't know how anyone is. I get the whole animal killing thing, but have you ever tasted a burger! I'm hungry now... Burgers and corn on the cob covered in melted butter. The only thing that would make it better is cider. Barbecued food and cider. I just drooled all over my keyboard.

Monday, 11 August 2014

A long drive and a beach walk.

On Saturday I returned to reality, I went to work on Sunday and spent most of today asleep or reading. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm back at work again, so my suitcase is still to be unpacked but I have had enough time to recap my week away (and to write a blog post (priorities)).

Saturday started with a road trip, if you could call it a road trip. Does it count as a road trip if you only have one stop, that could make a trip to Tesco a road trip. But for coolness reasons... It's a road trip. It took us six hours to get there, and we made a quick stop at starbucks, good old starbucks. During those six hours I did a little reading, listened to an amazing playlist and went a little crazy. We settled in unpacked scoped out cute boys (more to come on the cute boy front) then we took a stroll down the front and went to morrisons and bought cheesecake. Everyone loves cheesecake.

If you don't put it on social media, then its not true.

Why it took us six hours, traffic!

Six hours is a long time, enough to make a girl crazy.

Like I said. If its not on social media, its not true.

Sandy toes and sandals.

We went venti, only on holiday do you go all out.

I think she's trying to kill me.

Even the Haven site we stayed on was pretty, a change from Birmingham!