Monday, 11 August 2014

A long drive and a beach walk.

On Saturday I returned to reality, I went to work on Sunday and spent most of today asleep or reading. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm back at work again, so my suitcase is still to be unpacked but I have had enough time to recap my week away (and to write a blog post (priorities)).

Saturday started with a road trip, if you could call it a road trip. Does it count as a road trip if you only have one stop, that could make a trip to Tesco a road trip. But for coolness reasons... It's a road trip. It took us six hours to get there, and we made a quick stop at starbucks, good old starbucks. During those six hours I did a little reading, listened to an amazing playlist and went a little crazy. We settled in unpacked scoped out cute boys (more to come on the cute boy front) then we took a stroll down the front and went to morrisons and bought cheesecake. Everyone loves cheesecake.

If you don't put it on social media, then its not true.

Why it took us six hours, traffic!

Six hours is a long time, enough to make a girl crazy.

Like I said. If its not on social media, its not true.

Sandy toes and sandals.

We went venti, only on holiday do you go all out.

I think she's trying to kill me.

Even the Haven site we stayed on was pretty, a change from Birmingham!

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