Friday, 1 August 2014

Workin' 9 to 5 and other things.

I'm all packed! Before I jet off, sans plane... I thought I'd leave you with a little post, as I might not find my way onto the blogosphere the following week. But, I promise there will be picture heavy posts upon my return. 

Interesting posts are not my forte which makes you wonder why I allow anyone to read any of these posts, but I like to share, and share I shall. Today you get an insight to my busy busy life, it's been so busy however I have managed to find time to sleep way more than I should be. 

Where I've been.

Workin' as the title would suggest, not quite 9 to 5 though. More like 7 to 3! Less than half of my face is in this, does it still count as a selfie?
And the other things?
Yes you are seeing right. I went to a party with a bouncy castle? What? We all know I was on it as soon as I took this picture, light flare anyone? That wasn't even a filter..

What I've been eating.
Perks of the job right? Mcdonalds pancake with syrup is amazing... Who even needs real food, working 24/7, eating mcds 24/7. (I have not packed my bikini...) 
I finished this book! In two sittings, its been awhile since I have read a real book and this was definitely a good read! A good smoothie and a sunbathe definitely helps.
This picture, it's perfect. This is myself (left) and Abbie, wearing party hats, and playing with dolls also wearing party hats. A usual day with us to be honest, not with the wallpaper though.
Something that made me laugh.
There's only SO FAR I'm willing to boldly go, if I am lucky enough to ever meet Leonard Nimoy (miracles can happen). I would like him to say this so I can record it for my ringtone. Because lets be honest here, if Spock ever made a porno it would be the funniest thing ever. And the pun wasn't too bad either.
Was that entertaining? Probably not... See you in a week! 

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