Thursday, 3 March 2016

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser: Review

After a trip to Superdrug, I nearly purchased the Real Techniques brush cleanser, as I am in love with their brushes and they need the best care! However I stumbled across the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser which was only £3 (less than half the price) and decided that I would try it out. Then make up the difference buying a new powder...

It's a conditioning cleanser that disinfects and cleans brushes, It's a gentle formulae that can be used on natural and synthetic brushes and is gentle enough for everyday use, and is antibacterial. I didn't have amazing hopes to be honest but if you look at the before picture you'll know that they were in dire need of a wash. It comes in a spray bottle, and its recommended that you use 3/4 sprays and then wipe on a tissue, so not a deep cleanser.

I started with my rose gold brush which is disgusting, and I will let you in on a secret. I actually did this without taking photos but was so impressed I left it a few weeks before doing it again for the blog! P.s. should I start using my camera for photos, these grainy iPhone pictures just aren't that great.

I sprayed, cleaned it on a tissue. Then repeated a couple more times. It is amazing. The brush cleaned up so quickly! I use it for bronzer so the fact the bristles are white again is amazing! I would 10% recommend this for people who like to regularly clean their brushes and keep them nice and pretty. However it isn't a deep enough cleanser for everything, I attempted to clean up my foundation brush and it didn't really make a dent in the deep rooted foundation in the bristles. Gross I know. I will pick up the Real Techniques cleanser at some point to tackle my foundation brushes but until then I will definitely keep using it! Cheap and effective. Who could resist?

Available here or from Superdrug stores.

The amazing results!

Have you tried this cleanser, or have any other favourites? Let me know in the comments!

No sun, some sand.. Where I've Been?

Where have I been? For a whole damn month? I wish I could say I was too busy revising, that I have had to concentrate on college or work or ya know, something the slightest productive. But no. Apart from a week in Spain I have just been using my spare time to sleep. I am just as ashamed as you guys, I know its bad.

But I am back! Exams are creeping up and I am more then a little stressed out with both college and uni at the moment (I haven't even got there yet and I am sick of it) so posts may be sporadic may end up being a month apart but I will try my hardest to get some up.

So... Spain! Whilst looking back it wasn't that awful, it definitely wasn't good, but it could've been worse. I don't know if I hated it that much, or if I hated the fact I had spent so much money for an average week.

Why was it so bad? I don't really know. The weather wasn't great, just cold and extremely windy. The food wasn't great, as we were all inclusive we basically ate the same thing every meal. The atmosphere wasn't great because everyone was old and Spanish which whilst possibly entertaining... Just wasn't what I was looking for.

The alcohol was plentiful but my favourite night was when we sat out on the balcony getting drunk off of 1 euro bottles of wine, of which we went through about 4. Playing cards and 'don't show Keith your teeth' wrapped up in what we labelled as 'itchy blankets' that the hotel left in the wardrobe.

Fair to say it wasn't the worst week of my life, the same week back in Birmingham and £600 cheaper and I would be over the moon! What I will say is that I finally quenched my first for a nice Mojito. Cocktails just don't taste the same when not drunk on a beach bar. Which actually leads to a funny story, for another day...

The moral of the story: don't book a holiday out of season.

Got any holiday stories? I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly, leave them in the comments!