Monday, 26 May 2014

Don't let the cliche hit you on your way out...

It's true that if one door closes, we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us. In a way this has been the one thing (qoute/saying/phrase??) that has got me through the past few months. So many closed doors (and I mean so many, i'm beginning to believe I've done very bad things in a past life) have been shoved in my face this month, it's so frustrating and I usually spend so much time mourning the closed doors, I haven't fully appreciated the open ones! Yes, it's an incredibly cheesy idea, but recent events have made it all to real for me to ignore. It's time to start forgetting the closed doors, and heading for those open ones!

A few examples? Oh go on then.

A week or so ago there was a supernatural con, I was originally going to the con, and then I couldn't. Just as I had moved on, the actual con happened and I was miserable all over again. I missed out on an opportunity to finally find out what Misha Collins smelt like (not creepy at all). Then on the second day of the con, I went to a concert. It was an amazing concert, and we (abbie and I) had pretty good seats (which we wouldn't of had if we had been at A12 (the convention)). I loved the concert and enjoyed every minute of it, I'm still in post concert depression, it was incredible. Yet I was still upset about not being at A12, and I guess that being able to go to the concert just shows that when one door closes another opens!

From the concert, I didn't actually take this. Our seats weren't that good!

It's currently exam season (sad sighs all around, but at least we're half way through!) and a few of my exams went really badly, and even though I also had a few exams that went really well. I can't stop obsessing over the bad exams. Which I know is stupid because it's done, I should celebrate my good exams and hope for the best come results day! But I can't. I just can't stop worrying about the ones that went bad! I think this is human nature, like when you mope about an insult for days and forget a compliment in minutes.
I promise you it was part revision, part selfie...
Then (not really true because these examples are not in chronological order) I found out my trip to Berlin was cancelled, which sucks. I was finally going to be cultured. Isn't that what bloggers are supposed to be CULTURED?! Think of all the foreign food, I could have instagrammed. All the sights I could have blogged about, and I'm only half sarcastic right now. But I'm forgetting that August 2nd I am going on holiday, despite my sisters teasing a caravan in Burnam is a holiday. Tennis, the beach and arcades! I will be experiencing british culture to the max! Fish and chips everyday anyone? Yes, it's not Berlin, but i've been a few years ago and it was brilliant!

This was possibly the only time everyone was happy at once though...
So basically the moral of this post (this will quite possibly the only time a blogpost of mine has a moral so listen up kids) is that even though there may be bad news, there will be good news! Even if you don't know it yet, so chin up chickens!

Friday, 23 May 2014


I can't really remember how old I was. I do remember though that I had a joint obsession with The Black Eyed Peas and Busted, I was a rocking kid. Yeah... no. Then a few years later I found Mcfly, they were never my favourite band but I can remember listening to them with my mom on a Sunday. Then I found Carrie's (way past my bedtime) youtube videos... And then I found Tom's! Can you spell hooked? So when Hannah asked Abbie if we wanted to go see them, I was like hell yes! So we did!

They played the LG arena on the 17th and we got there and the sun had been shining all day it was so nice. We also got there a little early, so we went to get some merch and just chilled for a bit. There were two bands who played on the forum live stage at the LG, which is where you walk in before the actually arena. The second band was called Speaking In Shadows, they did a cover of dirty little secret by The All-American Rejects and were amazing! I fell in love with the lead singer, he was cuuute (and good at singing that's important too yeah). Perfect way to start a concert.

We went to find our seats after they performed and we had a pretty nice view of the stage, the supporting acts were good, and I actually booked tickets to see one of them when I got home. They were called Hollywood Ending you should really check them out.

*spoiler alert if just in case you're going to see them*

The boys came on after a little video and two of the boys (Matt and James I think) came out in a back to the future style car, it was really cool. The atmosphere when the boys came on was amazing, the supporting acts were great but this was even better! They opened with air hostess, which is my favourite and it was perfect!

In the middle of the concert, they sang a busted song which is pretty recent (stargirl) and it started when they came down from the ceiling on a spaceship! It was crazy! Matt Willis was directly in front of me and incredibly close...While they were on the spaceship, Dougie fell over, got stuck and Matt tried to steal his shoe. What a bromance!

It was 100% perfect and there was so much more but this post is already getting long and I haven't even included pictures yet! Some of these pictures are mine, some aren't and they all kind of include Dougie (I may have a crush)

Yes they are boobs, why there are three I do not know.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

We got the keys to open paradise..

This is my second instalment of spring break ootds (even though spring break was a while ago) check the first out here. I am such a poser, it's unreal. I actually look like one of my friends, dani so much in this photo it's crazy. As you also mights be able to tell from the first ootd compared to the second that I look a lot darker, it might have been sunny this week but that was definitely thanks to my good old friend st tropez.

Denim shirt- Primark   White tank- H&M  Skirt-H&M  
Shoes-Converse  Bag-New Look

Monday, 5 May 2014

May goals.

I made new years resolutions (or revolutions as honey boo boo would call them) I'm gonna briefly share them with you and for my resolutions in more detail click here. Overall I was going to save, get involved, study, do chores, attend, sleep. Overall I can say I do involve myself more and I do (kind of) study more but honestly I still have trouble attending, saving, doing chores and sleeping. Oops.

Bonnie, who is one of my favourite bloggers is more intelligent than I am, and does monthly goals with sub goals to keep her on track. I've decided to steal this idea. I was going to just wait until New Year but they say there's no time like the present, so here I am. May is already five days in but hey, I can progress in 25 days! I'm not going to plan the goals in advance, I'm just going to decide what I feel like my life needs at the start of the month, and share it with you guys when I recap last months.

I have some major exams coming up this month so the month of May is perfect to set myself some educational goals. I need to start taking school more seriously, because I get average grades I've never really pushed myself to do better, but it's about time I do!


  • Attend every day of school in May. I'm such a bad cookie when it comes to actually going to school (by this I mean I have 'sick' days probably once a month, not that I just don't go) but these next few weeks are going to be crucial.
  • Speak up. This one sounds kind of stupid, but I am 'that student' who never puts her hand up and never contributes unless forced to. I want to start involving myself more and contributing to class once a day (which is a big thing for me) whether its just answering a question, or reading out a passage etc.
  • Stick to my revision timetable. This means studying for at least 2 hours every night and at least 4 on Saturday and Sundays, this one is gonna be my hardest I think. Plus I have a lot of social things going on this month, so if I stick to this then I won't feel so guilty about going to parties or concerts (or watching honey boo boo)! 
  • Let things go. This might not sound like it has anything to do with school, but everyone is stressed out this and so many friendship groups in my year and feeling the blow (mine included). At least until my exams are over I'm going to take everything with a pinch of salt, it's so much easier to move past things then it is crying over them for days, and thinking about them constantly. Which I am certainly guilty of doing. I need to be super focused this month, I won't even go there after June 13th so who even cares! 
These are my goals! I would love to know yours and how your doing with your new years resolutions! 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A week of wonders...

This week is already seeming pretty interesting, on Monday I went back to school. What a bore. Exams are starting soon and my first one s next week so there is no time for slacking! Like I said, what a bore... As well as the work, it seems like my teachers are always so negative about what I do. They can never say it's good, there's is always something wrong, which is off putting. (When coming back to publish this post I had read Bonnie's post on criticism and realised they only want what's best, you should check it out) In more exciting news because I'm sure you didn't read a week of wonders, and expect a post about my school load. I've been crazy into being healthy, it's like a switch inside me flicked, fruit infused water (lots of), exercise (I know, even exercise?) and I've eaten a lot of veggies and not a lot of ice cream. I'm feeling good. I'm just about to watch this weeks episode of Supernatural and I'm excited (It was freaking amazing). One of my friends told me it was so good and the last few episodes were amazing, why is this season getting so good as it gets closer to the end. The hiatus between season 9-10 will not be a pretty one. On Friday I have my leavers assembly that i'm thinking I might be writing about, who knows. But I'm super excited because it feels so official, I am actually leaving and on my way to responsibility... yuck. It's actually pretty nerve racking. I also have concert tickets for McBusted, holllaaa. I'm super excited about that as when I was little I had a big crush on Matt Willis. I will definitely be writing a post about that... At this point I can not wait for the weekend.