Sunday, 4 May 2014

A week of wonders...

This week is already seeming pretty interesting, on Monday I went back to school. What a bore. Exams are starting soon and my first one s next week so there is no time for slacking! Like I said, what a bore... As well as the work, it seems like my teachers are always so negative about what I do. They can never say it's good, there's is always something wrong, which is off putting. (When coming back to publish this post I had read Bonnie's post on criticism and realised they only want what's best, you should check it out) In more exciting news because I'm sure you didn't read a week of wonders, and expect a post about my school load. I've been crazy into being healthy, it's like a switch inside me flicked, fruit infused water (lots of), exercise (I know, even exercise?) and I've eaten a lot of veggies and not a lot of ice cream. I'm feeling good. I'm just about to watch this weeks episode of Supernatural and I'm excited (It was freaking amazing). One of my friends told me it was so good and the last few episodes were amazing, why is this season getting so good as it gets closer to the end. The hiatus between season 9-10 will not be a pretty one. On Friday I have my leavers assembly that i'm thinking I might be writing about, who knows. But I'm super excited because it feels so official, I am actually leaving and on my way to responsibility... yuck. It's actually pretty nerve racking. I also have concert tickets for McBusted, holllaaa. I'm super excited about that as when I was little I had a big crush on Matt Willis. I will definitely be writing a post about that... At this point I can not wait for the weekend.

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