Friday, 23 May 2014


I can't really remember how old I was. I do remember though that I had a joint obsession with The Black Eyed Peas and Busted, I was a rocking kid. Yeah... no. Then a few years later I found Mcfly, they were never my favourite band but I can remember listening to them with my mom on a Sunday. Then I found Carrie's (way past my bedtime) youtube videos... And then I found Tom's! Can you spell hooked? So when Hannah asked Abbie if we wanted to go see them, I was like hell yes! So we did!

They played the LG arena on the 17th and we got there and the sun had been shining all day it was so nice. We also got there a little early, so we went to get some merch and just chilled for a bit. There were two bands who played on the forum live stage at the LG, which is where you walk in before the actually arena. The second band was called Speaking In Shadows, they did a cover of dirty little secret by The All-American Rejects and were amazing! I fell in love with the lead singer, he was cuuute (and good at singing that's important too yeah). Perfect way to start a concert.

We went to find our seats after they performed and we had a pretty nice view of the stage, the supporting acts were good, and I actually booked tickets to see one of them when I got home. They were called Hollywood Ending you should really check them out.

*spoiler alert if just in case you're going to see them*

The boys came on after a little video and two of the boys (Matt and James I think) came out in a back to the future style car, it was really cool. The atmosphere when the boys came on was amazing, the supporting acts were great but this was even better! They opened with air hostess, which is my favourite and it was perfect!

In the middle of the concert, they sang a busted song which is pretty recent (stargirl) and it started when they came down from the ceiling on a spaceship! It was crazy! Matt Willis was directly in front of me and incredibly close...While they were on the spaceship, Dougie fell over, got stuck and Matt tried to steal his shoe. What a bromance!

It was 100% perfect and there was so much more but this post is already getting long and I haven't even included pictures yet! Some of these pictures are mine, some aren't and they all kind of include Dougie (I may have a crush)

Yes they are boobs, why there are three I do not know.

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