Monday, 26 May 2014

Don't let the cliche hit you on your way out...

It's true that if one door closes, we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us. In a way this has been the one thing (qoute/saying/phrase??) that has got me through the past few months. So many closed doors (and I mean so many, i'm beginning to believe I've done very bad things in a past life) have been shoved in my face this month, it's so frustrating and I usually spend so much time mourning the closed doors, I haven't fully appreciated the open ones! Yes, it's an incredibly cheesy idea, but recent events have made it all to real for me to ignore. It's time to start forgetting the closed doors, and heading for those open ones!

A few examples? Oh go on then.

A week or so ago there was a supernatural con, I was originally going to the con, and then I couldn't. Just as I had moved on, the actual con happened and I was miserable all over again. I missed out on an opportunity to finally find out what Misha Collins smelt like (not creepy at all). Then on the second day of the con, I went to a concert. It was an amazing concert, and we (abbie and I) had pretty good seats (which we wouldn't of had if we had been at A12 (the convention)). I loved the concert and enjoyed every minute of it, I'm still in post concert depression, it was incredible. Yet I was still upset about not being at A12, and I guess that being able to go to the concert just shows that when one door closes another opens!

From the concert, I didn't actually take this. Our seats weren't that good!

It's currently exam season (sad sighs all around, but at least we're half way through!) and a few of my exams went really badly, and even though I also had a few exams that went really well. I can't stop obsessing over the bad exams. Which I know is stupid because it's done, I should celebrate my good exams and hope for the best come results day! But I can't. I just can't stop worrying about the ones that went bad! I think this is human nature, like when you mope about an insult for days and forget a compliment in minutes.
I promise you it was part revision, part selfie...
Then (not really true because these examples are not in chronological order) I found out my trip to Berlin was cancelled, which sucks. I was finally going to be cultured. Isn't that what bloggers are supposed to be CULTURED?! Think of all the foreign food, I could have instagrammed. All the sights I could have blogged about, and I'm only half sarcastic right now. But I'm forgetting that August 2nd I am going on holiday, despite my sisters teasing a caravan in Burnam is a holiday. Tennis, the beach and arcades! I will be experiencing british culture to the max! Fish and chips everyday anyone? Yes, it's not Berlin, but i've been a few years ago and it was brilliant!

This was possibly the only time everyone was happy at once though...
So basically the moral of this post (this will quite possibly the only time a blogpost of mine has a moral so listen up kids) is that even though there may be bad news, there will be good news! Even if you don't know it yet, so chin up chickens!

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  1. Love the title! Deffo gonna remember this. :)