Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The 1 year date-aversiary.

The 27th of December, our date-aversiary... Is that a normal thing to have? Probably not. If you don't know what it is (and why would you I just made that up on the spot), then it marks a year since our first date, like any other anniversary except some people probably don't even remember the day of their first date, nor do they care.

We got a voucher at the cinema for 2 tickets to a film, two drinks and a popcorn for Christmas so originally we just planned to go see the new moby dick type film but then I thought we may aswell get some food before hand.

On our first date we had food in Nando's and then went upstairs to the cinema and watched horrible bosses 2, so for this date we wanted to do the exact same thing! Except then we realised that the cinema we wanted to go to didn't even match the voucher so we never ended up using it.

Josh picked me up and he smelt different, not like his old or new aftershave. He told me his was wearing his other one so he could save his Tom Ford for a 'special occasion' so as you can see I planned all this and decided it would be a thing, Josh just turned up. Then he was wearing it the next day when we went to Tesco's! Tesco's!!! I guess that really is a special occasion. It made me laugh thinking about what we were talking about the first time we made this journey from mine to Redditch. We had never met each other (sober) properly before, was it awkward? What did we talk about?

We had our Nando's first as planned, i'm not a big fan of Nando's but I know Josh likes it. We both had butterfly chicken and then we had cheesecake for dessert. I had the white chocolate and raspberry one and Josh had the caramel one, then we cut them in half and had half each. Mainly because I couldn't decide which one I wanted.

We ended up watching Daddy's home instead, which if you haven't seen it is about a step dad who tries to be  dad to his stepkids until the cool biological dad comes along. It was funny, both Josh and  really enjoyed it! I had a Tango cherry ice blast, I think that's what its called and that was gooood. It tasted like a fizzy cherry slush puppy.

It was a great night, with my favourite person, what's even more exciting is that it's less than 3 weeks till our trip to Rome! Woo!

What have you guys been doing in the black hole between Christmas and New year? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, 25 December 2015


It's Christmas everybody! It's not even 8 o'clock yet Josh and I are already in bed, he's reading his new book and I am writing this! I didn't get to sleep until 3am and I had a busy day planned so I set my alarm for 7 and surprisingly got out of bed straight away.

It's been a day full of food, family and presents! We visited Josh's nan's this morning and then we've been to my aunt's for dinner. I have officially eaten enough food for four and two lots of sprouts since Josh isn't a fan, and I am full. Very full.

On such little sleep, and a few glasses of wine I am knackered. I can't think of a time I have been in bed by 7 before on Christmas day, but I am unbelievably tired. I have had lots of nice things, and am very spoilt and grateful! I can't really think of much else to say, I probably should have wrote it tomorrow but I wanted to use my new laptop and it's an excuse to say Merry Christmas guys!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas Eve and I am very snug and cosy watching Christmas with the Kranks with my mom! 

I've wrapped all my presents, attended Christmas festivities and am now just bloody excited to get spoilt and fat with turkey in my stomach. This year seems extra special as I have someone to share my excitement with. 

Josh and I have been listening to Christmas music in the car after some shopping in Merry Hill, best way to fill an hour journey! We even got Frankie and Bennie's for dinner afterwards and we had crackers on the table! 

Two weekends ago we went to Josh's works Christmas party, I experienced a free bar for the first time. Can't say that ended up well since we never ended up staying in the hotel we had paid for and instead woke up at 9am in Josh's friend's house and we had to check out by 11! But I took full advantage of the bath in the room when getting ready for the night. There was a photo booth which was fun, and everyone there who I hadn't met before was lovely! 

I went to my work's "party" which was bowling and an asian buffett afterwards, which ended up being way much funner than it sounds. And it was free! I had a nkce night, its just a shame that we're not allowed a proper party anymore after last years misbehaviours. 

We also went to my friend's 18th birthday Saturdah night which was a lot of tipsy dancing all night followed by a fag and a few glasses of babycham at Abbie's nan's after while she told us about her headstands and walking into doors. That woman is amazing. 

I got my secret santa present from the girls at college which happened to be some thorntons chocolates and some unicorn slippers from TopShop, I have yet to take them off! I also bought myself a hat that is a Christmas tree with a face hole, I would show you but all the pictures are awful. 

More recently my mom and I made some mince pies, I have to say they were delicious. The secret is roll out pastry and jarred mincemeat, so we cheated a bit. We had an early Christmas at my sister's since she flew to Iceland yesterday and watched her open all her presents early and it has 100% put me in one Christmassy mood! I also watched my niece and nephew open some presents as I won't see them tomorrow and they were adorable! 

Merry Christmas guys, better get to sleep or santa won't come! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Festive Fun: German Market and Ice Skating!

The great thing about living in Birmingham around Christmas time is the markets. Me and Josh visited them a the end of December, and now I am finally getting around to writing this post.  They come every year, and its a push and shove to make your way through them but for a festive tat lover like me they're worth it.

We stopped at the first stall so Josh could get a German beer and we both got some ridiculously long German sausages as well, over priced but delicious none the less. I had a dramatic time trying to pull down a cow udder type ketchup squirter (that's the technical term btdubz) to coat our sausages. Never again.

It wasn't as busy as previous year i've been where i've literally had to grip onto my friends' coats as to not lose them in the crowd, and I really enjoyed looking at all the baubles and snow globes and festive ornaments/trinkets. I didn't buy any but I certainly hinted to Josh. "Oh my babe, how cute is that candle holder? I want it!" *pouts and hopes to find it in a stocking on Christmas day*. 

We made the treck through all the markets past the 'carousel' which was actually just basically a bar, no actual carousel which was greatly disappointing but still cute to look at. *update: there is an actual carousel*

After we had been through the markets, we made it to the ice skating rink which is where I was most looking forward to going. It's an outdoor rink that the big wheel look over, and in the middle of the rink there's a Christmas tree! We put on our skates and then got on the ice. There was loads of bumps in the ice and Josh kept getting annoyed because I would skate into his path when I was trying to get away from someone else.

There were little kids going round with penguins to hold onto on, and lots of people falling over, all in all it was really fun. But I tell you what ice skates are uncomfortable and hurt my feet. We also got our photo taken and I have a little keyring momento which is adorable.

After we had skated we went round to the viewing area where you can get a drink from the bar and watched other people falling over on the ice, a lady selling roses walked past whilst we were watching and Josh bought me a rose. I didn't make him buy it, I promise...

I had such a good night with my beautiful boyfriend enjoying the festivites, and I would love to hear what you have been up to!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wishlist: Christmas Edition


My mom keeps nagging me about making a Christmas so over the past few days I have acquired a list of things that I want in my life and thought I would share them on here with you guys!

1. The first thing is a check scarf, here is two I particularly like. One that's more navy and one that's more red, everyone I see is wearing scarves like this and i'm jealous! I love them, and I need one.

2. I'm going on holiday soon! I'm heading to Rome in January and Spain in February, so the second thing on my list is euros, no one told me how expensive holidays are when you're going without your parents! So I've asked for a little help with spending money.

3. Once again this is become I am a little follower. One of my lovely friends Tash has the Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume and I used it the other day and it was heaven. The smell lasted for ages, got rid of the chicken nuggets smell from work! And it is about time I had a nice perfume because i'm getting tired of using my hollister sprays.

4. I found this whilst flicking through either Glamour or Cosmo, one of the two. It's about Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and the 90's renegades wbo remade fashion! Sounds like a good read to me.

5. I got a hole in the thigh of my favourite blue jeans, I have this problem so often its beginning to get really annoying, so a new pair of jeans is at the top of my Christmas list!

6. The last one on the list is something I never thought I would ask for but jeez I love Justin Bieber's new album! Hearing what do you mean, sorry and love yourself on the radio and i have realised he's got some great songs atm! I'm in love!

So that's what I want this Christmas. That and a massive Christmas dinner! I can't wait to spend Christmas morning with Josh's family, and then Josh is coming to mine for Christmas dinner with my crazy family of 15. It's gonna be a great day!

Who's excited for Christmas? Tell me in the comments! 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Holiday Style Guide

The festive season is also the party season! Glitter, leather and killer shirt skirts with freezing legs. Woo, I can't wait. It's also the season for red ugly sweaters so here's a style guide to give you inspiration for every occasion.

Beautysets - Saturday Night Sparkle
Saturday Night Sparkle

The first outfit is most possibly my favourite, if you're going on a night out on the town then this is perfect! My boss held a 'crew bash' last year for all the stores he owned in a club in Redditch and I would've loved to wear this! Not sure it qualifies for the bowling we're doing this year though... The green dress is stunning, I want one of my own for New Years Eve *hint hint mommy*. Accessorize with simple black accessories because believe it or not there is a such thing as too much glitter. But don't go bland with the nails, a red would be the perfect Christmas touch.
Beautysets - Get the look
Get the look

For a Christmas party that you've got to rush from work to get to a pair of leather look trousers and a white shirt to work if you can, leave the red heels under your desk and pop on before you leave, I wouldn't recommend wearing them to work you may get a few funny looks. Pair with a red lip and a gold necklace, I chose this tassel necklace as an extra touch. 

Seeing your girlfriends this Christmas eve? You can still get away with light wash jeans in my opinion and I would go with minimal/small rips because of the weather (maybe none if it's snowing) and for a more put together and more layered look add a white shirt under the jumper. Pair with your favourite pair of booties and a big enough bag to stuff all your Christmas cards and home made mince pies in before you meet the girls!

It's December already! Expect many more Christmas posts to come! Hoping you like this one because I wanted to do a more fashion-y post. Merry Christmas!