Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas Eve and I am very snug and cosy watching Christmas with the Kranks with my mom! 

I've wrapped all my presents, attended Christmas festivities and am now just bloody excited to get spoilt and fat with turkey in my stomach. This year seems extra special as I have someone to share my excitement with. 

Josh and I have been listening to Christmas music in the car after some shopping in Merry Hill, best way to fill an hour journey! We even got Frankie and Bennie's for dinner afterwards and we had crackers on the table! 

Two weekends ago we went to Josh's works Christmas party, I experienced a free bar for the first time. Can't say that ended up well since we never ended up staying in the hotel we had paid for and instead woke up at 9am in Josh's friend's house and we had to check out by 11! But I took full advantage of the bath in the room when getting ready for the night. There was a photo booth which was fun, and everyone there who I hadn't met before was lovely! 

I went to my work's "party" which was bowling and an asian buffett afterwards, which ended up being way much funner than it sounds. And it was free! I had a nkce night, its just a shame that we're not allowed a proper party anymore after last years misbehaviours. 

We also went to my friend's 18th birthday Saturdah night which was a lot of tipsy dancing all night followed by a fag and a few glasses of babycham at Abbie's nan's after while she told us about her headstands and walking into doors. That woman is amazing. 

I got my secret santa present from the girls at college which happened to be some thorntons chocolates and some unicorn slippers from TopShop, I have yet to take them off! I also bought myself a hat that is a Christmas tree with a face hole, I would show you but all the pictures are awful. 

More recently my mom and I made some mince pies, I have to say they were delicious. The secret is roll out pastry and jarred mincemeat, so we cheated a bit. We had an early Christmas at my sister's since she flew to Iceland yesterday and watched her open all her presents early and it has 100% put me in one Christmassy mood! I also watched my niece and nephew open some presents as I won't see them tomorrow and they were adorable! 

Merry Christmas guys, better get to sleep or santa won't come! 

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