Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Festive Fun: German Market and Ice Skating!

The great thing about living in Birmingham around Christmas time is the markets. Me and Josh visited them a the end of December, and now I am finally getting around to writing this post.  They come every year, and its a push and shove to make your way through them but for a festive tat lover like me they're worth it.

We stopped at the first stall so Josh could get a German beer and we both got some ridiculously long German sausages as well, over priced but delicious none the less. I had a dramatic time trying to pull down a cow udder type ketchup squirter (that's the technical term btdubz) to coat our sausages. Never again.

It wasn't as busy as previous year i've been where i've literally had to grip onto my friends' coats as to not lose them in the crowd, and I really enjoyed looking at all the baubles and snow globes and festive ornaments/trinkets. I didn't buy any but I certainly hinted to Josh. "Oh my babe, how cute is that candle holder? I want it!" *pouts and hopes to find it in a stocking on Christmas day*. 

We made the treck through all the markets past the 'carousel' which was actually just basically a bar, no actual carousel which was greatly disappointing but still cute to look at. *update: there is an actual carousel*

After we had been through the markets, we made it to the ice skating rink which is where I was most looking forward to going. It's an outdoor rink that the big wheel look over, and in the middle of the rink there's a Christmas tree! We put on our skates and then got on the ice. There was loads of bumps in the ice and Josh kept getting annoyed because I would skate into his path when I was trying to get away from someone else.

There were little kids going round with penguins to hold onto on, and lots of people falling over, all in all it was really fun. But I tell you what ice skates are uncomfortable and hurt my feet. We also got our photo taken and I have a little keyring momento which is adorable.

After we had skated we went round to the viewing area where you can get a drink from the bar and watched other people falling over on the ice, a lady selling roses walked past whilst we were watching and Josh bought me a rose. I didn't make him buy it, I promise...

I had such a good night with my beautiful boyfriend enjoying the festivites, and I would love to hear what you have been up to!

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