Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The 1 year date-aversiary.

The 27th of December, our date-aversiary... Is that a normal thing to have? Probably not. If you don't know what it is (and why would you I just made that up on the spot), then it marks a year since our first date, like any other anniversary except some people probably don't even remember the day of their first date, nor do they care.

We got a voucher at the cinema for 2 tickets to a film, two drinks and a popcorn for Christmas so originally we just planned to go see the new moby dick type film but then I thought we may aswell get some food before hand.

On our first date we had food in Nando's and then went upstairs to the cinema and watched horrible bosses 2, so for this date we wanted to do the exact same thing! Except then we realised that the cinema we wanted to go to didn't even match the voucher so we never ended up using it.

Josh picked me up and he smelt different, not like his old or new aftershave. He told me his was wearing his other one so he could save his Tom Ford for a 'special occasion' so as you can see I planned all this and decided it would be a thing, Josh just turned up. Then he was wearing it the next day when we went to Tesco's! Tesco's!!! I guess that really is a special occasion. It made me laugh thinking about what we were talking about the first time we made this journey from mine to Redditch. We had never met each other (sober) properly before, was it awkward? What did we talk about?

We had our Nando's first as planned, i'm not a big fan of Nando's but I know Josh likes it. We both had butterfly chicken and then we had cheesecake for dessert. I had the white chocolate and raspberry one and Josh had the caramel one, then we cut them in half and had half each. Mainly because I couldn't decide which one I wanted.

We ended up watching Daddy's home instead, which if you haven't seen it is about a step dad who tries to be  dad to his stepkids until the cool biological dad comes along. It was funny, both Josh and  really enjoyed it! I had a Tango cherry ice blast, I think that's what its called and that was gooood. It tasted like a fizzy cherry slush puppy.

It was a great night, with my favourite person, what's even more exciting is that it's less than 3 weeks till our trip to Rome! Woo!

What have you guys been doing in the black hole between Christmas and New year? Let me know in the comments.

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