Sunday, 3 January 2016

Plans for 2016!

2016 is just round the corner and there is no better day than today to spend writing blog posts and new years resolutions, 2016 is gonna be an exciting year for me. I have two trips planned (one extremely soon eek) , I turn 18, finish college and start uni. I'll be moving out , having my own independence. This year could go horribly wrong... But to start every year you have to have new year resolutions that you will forget about by Feb. What else are you going to do in January if you don't.

This year I plan to:

Travel more: I already have trips booked to Rome and Spain this year, but I want to see more of the world and do more exciting things! I would like to go to Greece in July for my birthday to go to Kefalonia and see the caves and the beaches! But also I want to go to Australia. I have family over there and I have been thinking about it for awhile. I don't know if I'll make it over there this year, but if I can't go this summer I want to have booked a holiday there for next summer by the time this year is over. I think Josh and his dad want to go to Dublin to see where is granddad grew up, so maybe Ireland is on the cards as well.

Get drunk: I'm going to uni in September (hopefully) and I don't necessarily want to get drunk, but I want to make the most of fresher's week and wherever I end up going, I want to make sure I socialize as much as possible (alongside lot's of studying obviously).

Save: For holidays, and for a car. I should pass my driving test in 2016, if I don't I probably ner will. There are so many things I will need to save for (I'm thinking uni as well) I don't think I'm going to save for a specific thing, I might just put away half of my wages and see where that gets me a few months into the year.

Enjoy my 18th: I turn 18 finally in July and I cannot wait, I want to do something special which I haven't decided yet but I want it to be big!

Happy New Year lovelies! Let me know what your resolutions are for 2016 in the comments.


  1. As someone who is half way through her third year of uni i think making the most of freshers week is a necessity!

    Happy New Year

  2. Great goals! Traveling more is definitely on my list. Good luck with your studies and financial goals!

    Cherie @