Thursday, 5 November 2015

Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals

For any of you British readers before you even read this post let me tell you that the Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials with a clutch is on sale in Boots now for £30 down from £64. That is amahzing. So go get them/order them now, and if you still don't think its worth it then read this...

I've always lusted after the real technique brushes but never actually bought them, for about £10 a brush its not too bad but that's not something I would usually buy. I have brushes I like and that work so its just not on my to buy list. But these brushes are usually over £20 a brush and I wanted to snatch this kit up for cheap while I could.

I told Josh to feel the brushes and he said "how am I supposed to know what makeup brushes feel like" then I brushed it on the plam of his hand he was shocked at how soft they were. There you go, boyfriend approved!

The kit includes the Angled Powder brush (103), its angled (duh) and is the largest head yet! It is apparently good for seamless blending and and contouring. I've been using it to apply my powder and it does the best job, i've actually also used the Tapered Blush (300) brush which explains itself really its tapered to get the perfect highlight but i've used it for my powder also because the angled brush is way too big to powder under my eyes and i'm not a massive blush fan. So I use the blush brush to to set my under eye concealer. Lastly there's the Oval Shadow brush (200), its got a small flat head which is for perfect all application. I used this for my halloween makeup to blend and it worked amazingly but now I have to wash them because the white tips are red!

These brushes aren't just functional, they're beautiful. They have really cute brush hairs with coloured roots to match the brushes and white tips, they're different colour metals (bold metals.. duh). There's a gold, rose gold and silver brush and the handles are very long and they taper at the ends but are also squared. They are very unique and special compared the the mac or seventeen brushes that i've come to love. They look so good in my brush holder.

The set also includes a cute silver gold and white clutch which will be great to throw your keys and cash into this party season! I think the bags meant for the brushes but I think i'll use it differently!

It's a wonderful, great value set, and I would definitely recommend it.

Have any of you tried the Real Technique Bold Metal collection? You should let me know if you have!

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  1. They look so beautiful! Wish I could go try them. I'm not too sure where to find them at where I live.