Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Everyman Cinema & Spectre Date

Josh and I didn't get to spend much time together this week because of work and stuff, so I decided to take him out Friday night to watch Spectre because he wanted to see it. One of my friends and also one of Josh's friends had recently been to Everyman cinema and both gave really good reviews, so instead of booking the tickets for the Vue in Redditch where we usually go, we booked them for there! The cinema is in the mailbox but we decided to park a bit away in the Arcadian so we could take a little stroll through town and see the new Grand Central which is the rebuilt New Street station which Josh did some work on in the office and onsite which is quite exciting! I was very proud.

The cinema is actually next the the Canal and a few other bars etc and to stand outside it was really beautiful. The water looked black and was glistening in the lights of the night since we went quite late. 

The entrance of the cinema was the bar instead of the usual ticket and food stands, and when we walked through the door there was a woman who asked us if we had prebooked tickets etc and asked us if we wanted a cocktail menu! I've never had a cocktail in a cinema before! 
don't usually dress nice to go to the cinema, jeans and a jumper is my usual attire but i'm glad I did this time haha. They had a range of cocktails that were named specially after Spectre which was so cute! I went for a coke though and Josh had a beer. We had a few drinks before the film started and we also had some pizza which was delicious. Because we'd got there a while before the film started we ate before but the great thing about this cinema is that you can get popcorn/pizza/burgers and chips brought into the cinema during the trailers! 

The screen itself is all sofas! Not an uncomfortable seat in sight.. The sofas were so comfy and velvet with little pillows on with little tables next to them and a little wooden footrest on the back of the seat in front. It was so comfortable that the guy behind us in the cinema fell asleep! 

Spectre was great as well! I've not watched any of the other films, and I had heard from a friend that it might seem a little long if you don't really know the Bond films but I really enjoyed it! Josh enjoyed it a little less than I did which I was surprised about but I loved it never the less! 

I wouldn't go to Everyman just for the sake of going to the cinema, but if you want a nice night out to watch a film you really want to see then I would reccomend it! 

With booking fees two tickets cost us £27, but tickets for £12 each is not bad when we usually pay £8/9 anyway. 

The drinks and food were not badly priced considering how tasty the pizza we had was. It cost about £6 for Josh's beer but it wasn't a small bottle it was more pint sized and a coke was only £2.50 for myself. So price wise its still quite reasonably and to pay the little bit extra is well worth it in my opinion!

Have you been to Everyman/ want to go? I'd love to hear what you think!

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