Thursday, 12 November 2015

Friends, fireworks and fairground rides!

It was Guy Fawkes night last Thursday, which for any of you who don't know is something that happens every year over here to celebrate when Guy Fawkes was caught before he could blow parliament up. More commonly known these days as bonfire night, where people set fireworks off and dogs owners hate it.

We went to a fireworks display last weekend and I was really excited. It was a chance to drink hot drinks, wrap up warm, cuddle up by the bonfire and watch the display. What I didn't think about was wellies. It had rained most of the day Saturday night and so when we walked across the field to get to the bonfire we sank into the mud. My vans are still in Josh's garage covered in mood, whoops.

Apart from that we were snuggly and warm as we managed to get to the very front of the bonfire and the heat off it had me roasting, we watched the first show and I ate a cheeseburger whilst we watched. It was really good to spend some time out with Josh and our friends watching the sparks. There was two displays on an hour apart, so after the first one Josh somehow convinced me to go on the big wheel. Let me just explain to you that I don't do rides. I don't do themeparks. I don't do heights or fast rides. When we went to fairs when we were younger my favourite 'ride' was hook a duck. I've tried them I promise, and I can say that after the guy had to stop the twister I went on with my mom so I could get off because I cried that badly, rides just are not for me.

So when Josh asked me when we got there if I wanted to go on it of course I said no way, yet after the first display I found myself in the queue. I tried to back out, I was freaking out but Josh made me. So I got on the ride and closed my eyes. Just a thought, aren't big wheels supposed to be slow? Well this one was pretty fast. Even with my eyes closed I could feel in my stomach how fast it was going.

When we were stopped at the top I opened my eyes and a naughty word popped out before I shut my eyes again. But eventually I got a little used to it and turned around where Abbie and Hannah took a picture as they were in the cart behind us. I cried a little bit as well, but we won't get into that.

Once we were off I was in a crazy happy mood, I was very proud of myself and I text my mom to tell her. I know. I know. I'm lame.

I also made Josh buy me a light up wand that had a tiara on top and lights up.

We watched the second one not by the bonfire, which was cold and a lot less muddy. We saw some one of Josh's friends who he used to work with who's with a girl I work with so that was nice and then after that we had a long walk back to the car since parking was insane.

It was a great night and I had lot's of fun, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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