Friday, 20 November 2015

What to get the man in your life this Christmas!

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It's nearly December! I started my Christmas shopping yesterday and I am definitely feeling the christmas spirit. I always find guys hardest to buy for, so these I've bought for the guys in my life this Christmas that may well help you decide what to buy the man in yours!

My first suggestion is tickets. This could be anything from football tickets, concert tickets or like I did for Josh this year tickets to see the strictly come dancing tour! I am not even kidding when I say Josh is going to enjoy this more than me. Just find something that he's interested, if its football you could get a season pass maybe? If he has a favourite band or tv show do they have a tour/events on? I personally would stay away from experience days etc because I know in the past I have had one and so has Josh and neither of us have ended up doing them. Unless its something you can do together of course, then I find you're more likely to do it.

If you know the man you're buying for quite well, as I assume you will, then you'll probably know what aftershave they like (or if you don't also like then buy him something you do), for Josh I know he either wears Armani or Paco Roban and I prefer Paco Roban since it reminds me of the first few dates we went on so I'd buy him that.

For my dad I tend to always buy giftcards its just something that he will always use, above I pictured a B&Q one but you could always go for a sports shop or clothing store like TopMan for a brother maybe. If you have a younger brother (or older) who likes to go to the cinema a lot with friends/girlfriends then a cinema giftcard would also be a good gift!

The thing i'm going to get my dad this year though is a book, personalised to the team he loves (Birmingham City) and to him. Full of newspaper reports etc of the team from the past. I think its such a unique idea that my dad will love and its not something you would buy for yourself which is sometimes what a gift is all about.

Other book could include the one I bought Josh yesterday also pictured above. Josh is obsessed with Danny Dyer's cockney accent and his twitter account. I've never actually seen Josh read a book so when he picked it up in a store the other day and said "this is what you can get me for Christmas I was quite shocked. Turns out boys do read!

I hope this helped somewhat with picking out a Christmas presents for those pesky men this Christmas. Got any ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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