Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Staples for your A/W Wardrobe

Autumn is upon us, and Winter is approaching fast behind it. The weather is so cold right now that my heating is on high, yet i'm wearing two jumpers and desperately regretting all wooden flooring and not having double glazing because boy are these floors cold, and how is the heat escaping so damn quick?

Anyway, i've been thinkng about my favourite staples for an autumn/winter wardrobe after a small (I promise it was tiny) clothes shop a few days ago. Some things I bought this time last year needed replacing, since getting with Josh i've put on a bit (or more) weight, and absolutely ruined the heel on my favourite pair of black winter booties. But we're good! I found some new favourites which i'll feature in this post today!

Be warned.. You will see that I favour burgundy/dark purples/dark reds. I just cannot help myself, they're my favourite colours to wear and I loooooove them. Usually I see this time of year as an excuse to dress gothic without looking gothic! Dark lips, dark hair colours, dark clothes, dark shoes. You get my drift? Then of course closer to Christmas out comes the bright red christmas jumper, and emerald green skater skirt (not at the same time though)!

1. My first favourite would be a knitted jumper, the one I show here is quite light weight yet cosy never the less. I found that its perfect for those warm afternoon (minus coat) but chilly evenings (plus coat). It was from New Look which you can find here.I just paired it with some black jeans, and booties which are another staple of mine.

2. I also think that dresses, with tights and booties look incredibly cute and brightens my dull overcast days with a flick of a skirt and click of a heel. I had a cute black one with white bows on from H&M but this year its a bit... tight. So here's one I only purchased two weeks ago and i've worn it four times, it would've been more but I go to the same place everyday and there's only so many times in a row you can outfit repeat. I love its short sleeves, since I would've just rolled them up anyway and the casual yet cute look of this dress. I can't really pull off the whole straight and not form fitting dress, and if you're the same this one has a tie at the waist which really makes it look cute and effortless to me. 

3. This time of year, is the time of thick socks and warm ankles! That's why I love a good pair of booties. You look cute and put together but your feet aren't sweating! Or freezing! I've had so many compliments since I bought these, and yes they were from New Look, again. I love the dark yet warm colour of them with the cute tassels on the side, they are comfortable enough for a days wear and for £40 that is not bad at all!! 

4. What's more important in the bitter cold of the British weather then a warm coat! This particular one is from H&M last year, but I found a similar one here. It doesn't have a hood which is its only downside, but I make up for that with #5 on this list! It's also not waterproof, and now i'm beginning to question it's practicality... But it's lovely! I love the wool and colours of this coat and it has a black lining on the inside so it's super comfortable and not itchy at all!

5. This one is probably a key staple for all year round in England. Number 5 for me is an umbrella, not necessarily a wardrobe staple (cheating a bit there), but something you need never the less. My coat doesn't have a hood as discussed above so I would be absolutely lost without an umbrella! Nobody likes their hair to get wet on their commute to a long day at college/work. Nobody!

These are my staples for this years colder months, and as always i'd love for you to share yours in the comments below! 

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