Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shrek, selfies and... selfies!

Props to Kay for this prompt, you'll be hearing that in the next few posts of mine. Todays post is photo heavy, I've taken the last ten photos (no cheating or deleting) off of my camera roll and here they are!

My friend Dani sent me this picture, are group is kind of obsessed with Shrek and 4:20, teenagers eh? It's so weird not even I can explain it.

Mcflurry time, last week was so sunny I couldn't resist.

Okay yes, I also had a smoothie.

Mothers day cards! I actually already posted this photo in my mothers day post.

This was also in a post, gotta love ootds!

My cousin was taking some pictures of me so I got in a quick iphone shot, I love taking pictures of my feet when I'm wearing ballet shoes! Any other dancers do that?

I was ill last week and this is a conversation with my friend, I screenshotted it because her responses made me laugh!

BOBBY ON THE MIDDLE? I guess when Jim Beaver finished working on supernatural, he lived his dream of being a scout leader with a ponytail. Of course I had to take a picture for twitter.

Selfie collage because I really loved my outfit.

Number ten is, you guessed it another selfie! There's about ten more after this one so thank god that this post ends here. 

I'd love to see your photos! Do you have as many selfies ;)


  1. Just discovered your blog and LOOVE it! Now following you xx

    1. Glad you liked it, new followers always appreciated! ;)

  2. New to your blog! I did this post too LOL Selfies are kinda addicting right?!
    Love that outfit :D