Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Five tips for shopping success!

I am constantly shopping, but I usually only picks up two or three things a new bra or a cute shirt, that kinda shopping. Then once or twice a year I find myself bored with my wardrobe and desperate to go shopping and buy out the whole mall! (This is a bad thing, I just can't control myself.) These are the least successful I think because I'm buying so much I usually buy stuff on a whim and never wear it or buy stuff I will wear and yet never do, and after these trips I usually go back the next day with 75% of it because I just got too over-excited and actually I hate that bright orange top I just paid £12 pound for? I'm going shopping tomorrow because I'm desperate for some new spring/summer pieces and came up with a few tips to help mine and your shopping trips a whole lot more successful!

I did some spring cleaning today, including my wardrobe (post soon if you're interested). So I know what exactly I have in their, I found a lot of items I had just forgotten about which I can't wait to start wearing again and I also realised I am lacking in the cute shorts and swimwear department. While I was cleaning out I made a vague list to make sure I at least picked up things I needed. I love making lists and following them so that works perfectly for me!

When you just pick up one thing it's so easy to skip the dressing rooms which can be stressful and way too hot around now, but it's definitely important to check them out. I find that a lot of the stuff I throw in my basket actually looks terrible on my own body shape, and if your a woman you know how crazy sizing is these days. I could be an 8 in one store and a 12 in another! It's not just that but some items look more flattering in a size bigger or smaller than your regular size sometimes and you end up with better results!

What I mean by this is before you decide to buy something think if you have something in your wardrobe you can wear it with already and if not find something! It's always a bummer getting excited over a new skirt and you can't find a shirt to pair it with.

Sensible sounds so old! Like your nan looking at your first pair of heels and going "are those shoes sensible?" When they can't be more than a few inches tall! ;) What I mean is it's great to leave your comfort zone and buy stuff you wouldn't usually wear because there is always room for your style/personality to grow, but it's best to decide if you like the item first. If it's quirky and catches your eye, follow steps 2&3 first!

If you are in a financial position where you don't have to budget then great, but if you can't splash too much cash it's great to make a mental note in your head. It doesn't have to be set in stone but I find when I start shopping and I know I'll be getting a lot, it is so easy to get carried away. If you're like me and have to be careful with finances then check what money you can spare on your fashion addiction first and try and stick to that amount. There has been many times where I have bought too many clothes and had to sacrifice (probably more important) things!

I hope you find these tips useful, I just thought I would share. Shopping is so overwhelming these days with so many different styles, shops and pieces! I would love to know any of your shopping tips as well, so leave a comment if you have any!


  1. If I had money to go wardrobe shopping these are great tips LOL! I need new clothes so bad!

    1. Being a teenager is just too easy, not looking forward to buying my own clothes lol! :)