Tuesday, 15 April 2014


On Thursday school finished for two weeks. Two weeks. Can I get a hell yeah? Hell no. Because on Friday and yesterday and today I was in school for revision classes, have I mentioned how sucky exams are? The only thing getting me through is the idea of over two months of summer, two months. Can I get a hell yeah because that makes two weeks seem like nothing. Monday was technically the first day of break, when better to do a photo an hour post!


This is sometimes my least favourite part of my day, sometimes it's my favourite. At seven am though, everything is my least favourite.  

Get dressed, eat breakfast. 

I waited for the bus and my bus stop was in the shade not fun.

In the dance studio, best way to start off the day if you ask me!

Still dancing, lot's of water was drunk.

Still in dance! I got changed and started my theory work, theory sucks. 

Ate lunch and went to English for an hour, before everyone came in I got my friend to take this picture for me. Anything for the blog.

It was so sunny, after school my best friend and I headed to the park. Time to break away from studying and talk about boys. A lot about boys. 

Living that all star life. Am I right Ladies?

More bus fun. That's only a tad sarcastic because there's something surprisingly calming about being on a bus on your own with your earphones in. 

When I got in, I fell asleep. This happens a lot. Obviously this is not posed, I was 110% asleep while this picture was being taken.


You know what seven pm means! Hollyoaks and Eastenders, I literally can't keep away from the soaps.

I shower? Who even knew, on a more serious note though, the sugar crush body wash is the best ever.

And finally, this is where I spent the next four-five hours. 

I haven't done a post like this before but I actually really enjoyed documenting my day, maybe I'll do another some time soon! Have you started spring break yet?

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