Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tough it out Tuesday! - Infused Water

It's about time I jumped on the tough it out Tuesday bandwagon and for my first post I'm just sharing a little 'recipe' (using the word recipe lightly) for a nice detox drink. Which basically just means water and fruit to be honest. I try to drink as much water as possible but I hate having no flavour, so I drink this water all the time to make sure I'm definitely drinking two litres a day! I just drink this to stay hydrated rather then drinking it to detox but it has great benefits either way! I make it pretty early in the morning and drink it throughout the day, I don't drink it everyday because I'm way too lazy some days to cut fruit and stuff up; but when I do it's a great way to add flavour. I use:

Water helps flush toxins through our system and replaces fluids lost throughout the day.

CUCUMBER (2-3 slices)
Cucumber has an amino acid in it called citrulline which has been shown to aid the liver+kidneys in getting rid of ammonia which is a by product of our bodies burning proteins.

ORANGE (2-3 slices)
The peel and juice of the orange contain flavanoids that are good for reducing cholesteral and stimulating the immune system

LEMON (2-3 slices)
Stimulates digestive track and regulates the pH so it's good if you have heartburn or constipation.


  1. last time I made a water with strawberries and lemons in it, it was really good but I ended up puking not sure if it was because of that or not.

    1. Sounds like a lovely combination, not sure about the puking though! This combination I find is puke free for me at least if you would like try it.

  2. This sounds so refreshing and definitely something we want to try.


  3. I used to make lemon and lime lemonade with mint and was the best thing ever with ice!
    I need to get back to making it!