Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday baking!

 Today was Easter Sunday and it was marvellous, I have never eaten so much chocolate in my life before. (Excluding last Easter of course!) If the chocolate wasn't enough my Mum and I decide to bake some Easter cupcakes, it's a bit late to share with you guys, but you can always bookmark this for next year or just call them spring cupcakes. ;)

For the cupcakes I used:
2 eggs
4oz of sugar, self raising flour and butter
and baked at gas mark four for about 25/30 minutes

For decoration I used:
Butter icing
          -2oz butter
          -4oz icing sugar
Roll out icing
Mini eggs.

Super easy, super simple and they tasted amazing! 


  1. These are too cute! I love decorating things for Easter! :)


  2. Wow these look amazing!! Your so talented. If I tried to make these they would look like a mess haha xx

  3. Thankyou, they're surprisingly easy after a few tries! xx

  4. Just found your blog and im in love! Love it xxx