Saturday, 14 June 2014

June goals.

While it is true, June is over two weeks in. I am finally writing my goals post. Exam season is nearly over, I have finished 13/14 exams and finally finished school for good (which is surprisingly scary). So now my 'school' goal is over is time to focus on a new, shorter lived one. (Which is good because I have a feeling it's gonna be a harder one as well.) But first let's take a look at May.

I have some major exams coming up this month so the month of May is perfect to set myself some educational goals. I need to start taking school more seriously, because I get average grades I've never really pushed myself to do better, but it's about time I do!


  • Attend every day of school in May. I'm such a bad cookie when it comes to actually going to school (by this I mean I have 'sick' days probably once a month, not that I just don't go) but these next few weeks are going to be crucial. 
I attempted this, I had two days off in the first two weeks of June, because I had no exams and ten study periods, which I was getting nothing done in!
  • Speak up. This one sounds kind of stupid, but I am 'that student' who never puts her hand up and never contributes unless forced to. I want to start involving myself more and contributing to class once a day (which is a big thing for me) whether its just answering a question, or reading out a passage etc.
I didn't even attempt this one to be honest, I just listened and took notes. No speaking occured.
  • Stick to my revision timetable. This means studying for at least 2 hours every night and at least 4 on Saturday and Sundays, this one is gonna be my hardest I think. Plus I have a lot of social things going on this month, so if I stick to this then I won't feel so guilty about going to parties or concerts (or watching honey boo boo)! 
I was a tad ambitious, I did do a sufficient amount of revision. I was swamped with work. But, I didn't revise every single day, I probably only revised 3/4 times a week. It's still a lot more than I did before though!
  • Let things go. This might not sound like it has anything to do with school, but everyone is stressed out this and so many friendship groups in my year and feeling the blow (mine included). At least until my exams are over I'm going to take everything with a pinch of salt, it's so much easier to move past things then it is crying over them for days, and thinking about them constantly. Which I am certainly guilty of doing. I need to be super focused this month, I won't even go there after June 13th so who even cares! 
It's June 14th and guess what I don't go to this school anymore! This is my most successful sub goal. In the past few weeks, there has been many arguments and a lot of fights, verbal and the hair pulling kind. (teenage girls ay?). I stayed out of the drama though and I am so glad!

The month of June is also the start of my summer! I want to make these goals very strict, since I only have to stick to them for two weeks, but I only have three sub goals this month. I decided for June i'll make some fitness goals. Everybody loves being healthy, right? For the first two weeks of June, I've been testing the waters and it's proven to fairly easy if I actually try so let's get stuck in!

  • Eat 100% healthy meals 6 out of 7 days a week. It's only six because, a girl needs chocolate once a week, and there's nothing wrong with a treat now and again!  I'll be sticking to salads and vegetables instead of chips/rice or any other of the sort. I mention rice because the only kind of rice I like, is very fatty and oily. Then I'll accompany the veggies with a source of protein, like lean beef or egg whites. I'll also be eating fruits, hopefully this will give me chance to find new healthy recipes that I can enjoy in later months. 
  • Workout every day. This will be my hardest goal! I want to get in about 45 minutes of cardio a day with some sort of targeted strength training for 30 minutes a day. I will probably alternate between butt, abs, arms and legs. Since I've finished school now, there's no excuse!
  • Drink 8 glasses (or more) of water a day. I am very much a soda drinker, this month though i'll be sticking to water! 
I'm excited to start my goals! I'll be documenting meals, measurements, workouts on the blogilates app and then in my July goals post! Wish me luck!

What are your goals for the month of June?

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