Thursday, 19 June 2014

20 Things To Do This Summer

Ahhh. Summer is here! PointlessBlog made a video saying he had twenty five things he wanted to do this summer, and he's going to document them all in a little book. We all know from this,and this post that I am a summerholic, so I made a list of twenty I would love to do this summer, since it's gonna be a long one (two and a half months!), and I'm going to document them in a journal full of details and photos, and on the blog of course! I need to start filling my Cath Kidston scrap book so I'm super excited to get going!
  1. CONCERTS! This is key for the perfect summer, I went to one a few days ago but I'm not counting that, because the more the better! I think, I'm going to buy tickets to see some really cute guys with a few new friends I made at Sunday's concert. So look forward to that! 
  2. BARBECUES. They are perfect, I may be having one for my birthday, which will be fun! Barbecues are a time for good food, good people, and (hopefully) good weather!
  3. TAKE A RUN ON THE BEACH IN THE EARLY AM. I really want to do this when I go on holiday, a change of scenery will be perfect, and I really just want to watch the sunrise at the same time.
  4. WALK UP BREAN DOWN. There is quite a big cliff? If that's what you would call it, where I am going on holiday. The first time I climbed it, I was too scared to enjoy it (i hate heights). So I want to do it again. 
  5. WATER FIGHT. A little water never hurt no one, it's just really fun to soak people, and I have no idea why.
  7. PICNIC AT THE BEACH. Food, sea, and sand. All the best things in one! 
  8. SEE A PLAY AT A THEATER. I live near Stratford (if you even know where that is), and it's the birthplace of Shakespeare. They usually show plays in theaters there, and I would really love to see one.
  9. GET A JOB. For the dollar, dollar bills.
  10. GO CAMPING. I am a happy camper, everything about it is exciting to me.
  11. DO SOME LATE NIGHT BOWLING. Bowling is fun, late night bowling when it's lit up and there's no kids, is so much funner.
  12. SPA DAY. Because a girl needs to look after herself, right! 
  13. RUN 3 MILES. It took me like 6/7 minutes to run a mile, three can't be that hard. (Fingers crossed.)
  14. MAKE LEMONADE. So pinterest...
  15. READ A BOOK FRONT TO BACK IN ONE SITTING. I've done this before, but there's one in particular I want to read.
  16. NURTURE A PLANT. I'm starting college soon, I am practically an adult! So I want to try my responsibilities. 
  17. TRY SUSHI. I have no idea why I want to do this so bad, food on a conveyor belt just seems cool. And who's never tried sushi before anyway, just me?
  19. TIE DIE SOME OLD SHIRTS. Because how freaking cool would that be!
  20. READ GOSSIP MAGAZINES WHILE LAYING OUT. Because who wouldn't enjoy this? Grab a deck chair while I am at the pool, and chill, with the gossip.