Monday, 16 June 2014


To Hollywood Ending, I went to see them in concert on Sunday and i'm loving them!
A belvita breakfast biscuit and some chopped up cucumer and carrots. Prom is coming and I'm committing to healthy food day and night, I've lasted a week so far which is crazy. I'm going to pizza hut for a friends birthday the day after so I have reassurance that me and greasy fast food will soon be reunited!
Water! I've swapped my coke bottle for a water bottle. I know, I know, I was shocked too. 
My pajamas! I got dressed this morning, and then when I got in from shopping I put them on again! I have two months of summer, and I can't wait to spend them blogging in my pajamas.
Nostalgic! I've been super nostalgic recently since I finished year 11,  I've seen a more than a few cringe worthy year 7 photos in year books and also I'm just a little upset I'm leaving school. My teachers have pulled out all the stops and made it really special. I definitely have many happy memories, but it's time to move on! 
The weather is perfect! It would be exam season when the sun decided to resurface... Typical! On Friday I went to a park with the whole of my year group and I ended up getting sunburnt, it was bad.
The impossible instalab for iphone, you put your iphone on it and it prints a Polaroid version! It's an alternative for a polaroid camera, and you can choose the perfect picture before printing. Since everything Polaroid is so freaking expensive, how did cope before digital? 
A new Supernatural episode! I'm missing Misha, Jensen and Jared so much, just come back to my screen already. I will be watching whose line is it anyway, and I am very excited.
Nothing. Literally. I do have one exam left, but I'm not stressing! 
Life! Despite school being one big stress, it's also super fun. I'm enjoying the sun, and all the end of year get togethers. June has been and still has to come lots of events, which I am really enjoying. 

What are you currently enjoying?

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