Thursday, 26 June 2014


A week ago tomorrow night, was my prom night! It was amazing. I got my hurr did, and my makeup done for it, and I felt like a princess. I was crazily excited for prom, and it was exactly what I expected it to be. Everyone was dancing, and taking pictures all night and it was perfect. We had it at the motorcycle museum, and there was a red carpet, and a filming crew. We went in a range rover evoke, and holy moly was it nice!  Because our school are part of a tv program so that was kinda weird! We had a three course meal which consisted of soup, chicken with veggies and potatoes, and a meringue with ice cream and raspberry sauce. It was delicious. I had an open evening at college today and most of the girls were having their prom today or tomorrow, so if you've had/are having your prom I hope it was great/goes great. xo

What a photobomb in the background.



Name cards, and mocktails. We were feeling super fancy! 

How napkins should be worn.

See that balloon? After this photo we went down stairs and hid so we could suck the helium out of them and sit down while our feet hurt.

With my form teacher! 


  1. Your dress was gorgeous, looks like you had fun!