Monday, 23 June 2014

Concerts are my life.

If you've ever been to a concert, you will understand that the title isn't even an exaggeration. Unless, your not a concert person, but how is that possible. I haven't even been to that many concerts but I have already fell in love with them. 

I went to see Hollywood Ending about a week ago with Abbie, it was different to the McBusted concert, it was at the 02 Academy which is quite small if you're in Birmingham. There were three lines, and another guy was performing, so when we got there everyone was super confused. But it worked out fine in the end, and Abbie and I even met some really great people. 

The support act was Luke Towler and he was amazing (and cute), he sang to one of the girls we made friends with and I can't even describe it. I literally swooned and it wasn't even me he was singing too. 

We were stood near to the stage for Luke, and it was okay, but before Hollywood Ending came on we moved to the back near to the bar, and it was a much better view. Hollywood Ending were amazing too, Cameron took his shirt off and it was crazy. They also spat a lot of water everywhere, which was surprisingly not disgusting. 

As soon as it was over, I wanted it to start again, minus the crazy heat. 

This cutie can SING.



Hollywood Ending