Monday, 5 May 2014

May goals.

I made new years resolutions (or revolutions as honey boo boo would call them) I'm gonna briefly share them with you and for my resolutions in more detail click here. Overall I was going to save, get involved, study, do chores, attend, sleep. Overall I can say I do involve myself more and I do (kind of) study more but honestly I still have trouble attending, saving, doing chores and sleeping. Oops.

Bonnie, who is one of my favourite bloggers is more intelligent than I am, and does monthly goals with sub goals to keep her on track. I've decided to steal this idea. I was going to just wait until New Year but they say there's no time like the present, so here I am. May is already five days in but hey, I can progress in 25 days! I'm not going to plan the goals in advance, I'm just going to decide what I feel like my life needs at the start of the month, and share it with you guys when I recap last months.

I have some major exams coming up this month so the month of May is perfect to set myself some educational goals. I need to start taking school more seriously, because I get average grades I've never really pushed myself to do better, but it's about time I do!


  • Attend every day of school in May. I'm such a bad cookie when it comes to actually going to school (by this I mean I have 'sick' days probably once a month, not that I just don't go) but these next few weeks are going to be crucial.
  • Speak up. This one sounds kind of stupid, but I am 'that student' who never puts her hand up and never contributes unless forced to. I want to start involving myself more and contributing to class once a day (which is a big thing for me) whether its just answering a question, or reading out a passage etc.
  • Stick to my revision timetable. This means studying for at least 2 hours every night and at least 4 on Saturday and Sundays, this one is gonna be my hardest I think. Plus I have a lot of social things going on this month, so if I stick to this then I won't feel so guilty about going to parties or concerts (or watching honey boo boo)! 
  • Let things go. This might not sound like it has anything to do with school, but everyone is stressed out this and so many friendship groups in my year and feeling the blow (mine included). At least until my exams are over I'm going to take everything with a pinch of salt, it's so much easier to move past things then it is crying over them for days, and thinking about them constantly. Which I am certainly guilty of doing. I need to be super focused this month, I won't even go there after June 13th so who even cares! 
These are my goals! I would love to know yours and how your doing with your new years resolutions! 


  1. I love your resolutions!! especially the one about speaking up. Good luck with your goals lovely :) xx