Sunday, 20 July 2014

Packing 101

Two weeks.. Two weeks until we pack the car and head two hours west to a town extremely similar to our own. Seriously though, a typical british holiday means driving to a campsite two hours away squished up against your siblings and the suitcases. It was were 'do I have to stop this car' was invented all those summers ago. My Nan spent her childhood summers in camp/caravan sites, my Mom did and now I do. It's the same dull weather, except there's no work or annoying neighbours. There's also a beach, but the waters so far out you hit sinking sand before sea, and when the tides finally in the waters so dirty you just don't bother. But... It's still a holiday, and it's always surprisingly an amazing week. It doesn't seem like the potentials there, but boy oh boy it is. So my point is it's still a holiday (or vacation for you Americans) and you still need to pack, so I thought while I was packing like a pro, I would share my tips.

If your clothes don't fit in your suitcase, then you probably have to... Get a bigger suitcase. It's true, you need to make room for more shirts you wont wear that week because it's necessary to have options.

Always leave your packing till last minute, because it's very important that it's as unorganized as possible, this means when you're on holiday you can make an excuse to go clothes shopping.. See, I got your back.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It gives you more room to fit in more clothes.

If you have two or three of the same white tank tops you should take them all, you don't want to have to do laundry. (Actually this might be a pretty good tip.)

Never forget to take jewelry on your trip. Just take your whole jewelry box because I promise you, you will need it; and you're gonna thank me when you summer fling notices that your classy because you remembered your pearls. How are you gonna have a good time, if you're not accessorized?!

Use straightners to get creases out of your clothes, because let's face it no one wants to do ironing on holiday. (Is that even a packing tip? Is that a really bad idea or...)

So if you follow all the tips above... You're probably going to have a packing nightmare, but don't worry I survive them every year; mainly because my mom always double checks my case...

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