Thursday, 10 July 2014

This week behind the scenes of Guess What Hollie?

I recently read Michaela's post, which you can read here, and I thought it was a really cool. I've seen posts like this before, and decided I would test the waters myself.

A gif that made me giggle:
Because, honestly. Who wouldn't enjoy this (except for people allergic to cats).
Something i'm excited about:

What I've been reading:
This book is perfect, it's so funny as Mindy always is, and it basically reminds me of a ton of blog posts put together making it even better! 
All I wanted was:

Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.


  1. I love your take on it and I want to read that book by Mindy Kaling so bad, I'm such a huge fan. hope you keep doing posts like this in he future :)

  2. Hi there^^,
    The cats....THE CATS... that´s heaven on earth!!!
    Have a sweet day!