Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Not so sure about the sweet part, I eat a lot of sugar though so I probably have super sweet blood. A vampires dream I assume.

Wow. How quickly did we get off track there, I start writing a post about my birthday and end up talking about vampires. In one sentence.

Back on track however, it was my sixteenth birthday on Wednesday, I didn't think I'd make it this far. When I was naughty my mom would always say "you'll never make it to 9". (Or any other age under 13, nine just seemed to fit.) Well, guess what Mom. I made it. And a bit.

Back on track (again). Because I turned sixteen, and my New Years resolution to do more meant I made a lot more friends, I did what every other teenager does on their birthday. I threw a party.

It was great, it was in a big function room, people auditioned for invites, Justin Bieber performed and I got a car. Ha, I wish, I can't even drive until I'm 17. I've just been watching way too much MTV.

I did throw a party though, and it was amazing. It was in my garden, my iPod was the only performer, my invite was in form of a text, and I didn't get a car. (I did however get a £20 gift card for River Island which is way better.) It was still perfect in every way. I had such a good time, and pizza, and I know everyone else enjoyed themselves too.

The last of my guests didn't leave until gone 2am, and seven of them stopped over. We actually watched High School Musical (16 or 10?) and then when that was over only four of us were awake, and even though it was nearly 5 in the morning; we actually cleared up outside because it was a mess and then sat on the trampoline with some blankets and talked. It was perfect.

I bet you are itching for photos, most of you have probably already scrolled to them and skipped this long ass post. Or maybe, after you've looked at the photos first, and now you're reading the writing. Who knows, but I've kept you waiting and here you are....

I love this candid.

Group photo

Olivia was so excited, she got a double chin.

My favourite picture.



You can imagine this mess x100 after we were finished.


Blurry, but what a perfect fb cover photo?


I love candids.


  1. Awe, happy belated sweet 16! hope your next year is amazing!
    & your birthday looked like fun and it's always lovely to be surrounded
    by the people you loved :)

    P.S. I think you can definitely checkmark that goal of making more friends haha :)

    1. Thankyou! I definitely managed at least one resolution haha.