Friday, 11 July 2014

I'm a people watcher.

What a creepy title, I was gonna call this Addictive Older Siblings, but that's possibly worse. I like to watch people's actions, when i'm bored and out and about I'd rather watch other people busy themselves, then busy myself. So it's no surprise that this year I've found myself so into Big Brother it hurts... This post is basically just me bitching about it so feel free to leave.

I can not believe Jale was evicted on Friday, I was sure Ashleigh was going to go, and I was hoping as well. I really do not like her, she gets into way too many arguments with Helen, and while she is only defending herself I'm sure she loves it. She's a game player, she admitted it in the diary room. She even said she was glad her evil plan was coming together.

What's up with how horny the housemates are, I get Steven and Kim are completely in love, or at least Steven is. But having sex with cameras around? No. They've only known each other a bloody month!

I don't really bother with Mark, because I just don't like him, I don't like Chris, Christopher or Ash either. So basically over half the house. I love Steven, even if I feel he's a bit naive about Kim. I think Danielle does more than her fair share of bitching with Ashleigh, but honestly I feel like she's a good person. I think Winston's funny, but I can't get over his little comment when Jale jumped in the pool, I think I am so like Jale that I'm a bit reluctant to forgive him. I'm kind of a little scared of Helen a little, her personality reminds me of the girls in my school who I avoid at all costs. When she whispered about Jale being a slug and then said it louder as she walked away so Jale could here it, I was appalled, she was so rude. She's not so bad now, she focuses on Ashleigh a lot, but honestly I'm not surprised. I guess I hold a lot of grudges from the earlier weeks... Especially ones concerning Jale. I like Kim, but not all of the time, and I really can't be bothered with Marlon, even though I think everyone's reaction to Marlon pressing that bloody button was ridiculous.

I think that's it... I don't even know.

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