Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's that time of year again.

It's here. Today is in fact the first day of Autumn 2014, and don't I know it. Yesterday was quite a sunny afternoon, and today was quite a chilly one. Now the cold lasts throughout the whole day, I think it's finally time to get the sweaters out. 

There is so much about the Autumn season to look forward to, birthday meals with the family, parties. Halloween is coming up at the end of this month... Crazy costumes, weird food, and spider webs that are put in your house on purpose! Then there's bonfire night... Bonfires (duh), fireworks, and lot's of burgers. And then eventually Christmas and New Year roll around and maybe it'll start snowing, but that's a different season entirely and we're getting ahead of ourselves. 

But still, it's time to start buying salted caramel hot chocolates, and wearing layers. All the exciting stuff is coming up, all the trees are losing there leaves; and I can't wait to start wearing scarves again! 

Who else is excited for the Autumn season? 


  1. Oh, the mention of salted caramel hot chocolates - I don't think I've ever tasted one but it got me!

  2. I like autumn because of all the warm colours but not so much the cold part. Great post.


    1. I'm the opposite, even in the cold I wanna rock bright colours haha!