Friday, 10 October 2014

Well at least its not Monday..

I woke up late yesterday. I know what you're thinking, an 8:30 start sucks I don't blame you for over pressing the snooze button. Weeelll... No. I wasn't even in until ten am but I still managed to sleep in until quarter past nine, and I was supposed to get on my bus for nine. I ended up getting on at ten which puts me an hour behind, but I was on the bus and I was only going to miss one (which to be honest I couldn't really afford at the moment but you know) lesson. It started raining about half ten, when I would've been snuggled in my hoodie listening to my psych teacher drone on about repeated measures. Yet I got caught in the rain, because I couldn't get out of bed. I eventually got to college and I went to get my id card out of my bag... But there was no id card in my bag. Had I just picked up my leather jacket, I would not have got so wet in the rain and I could be walking through the gates right now and straight to English which while extremely challenging is quickly becoming my favourite lesson. I told the security guard and he sent me home. Sent me home! I have my photo on the school system with all my details, and he sent me home! (Bearing in mind to get to college I have to get on the bus for nearly 40 minutes and then walk through the park for another 15.) So I walked back through the rain to the bus stop. The upside is that I had just got paid, so I grabbed myself a salted caramel hot chocolate before I got on the bus again for another hour journey. I got home put my jacket in the tumble dryer for ten minutes and then headed back to college. My newly dry jacket got soaked again, but at least I had my leather one this time. I got to college at half one, just in time for my Law lesson, which wasn't too boring, and my second English lesson of the day. In English we read some short stories and prepared for my creative writing coursework. To conclude, it was a pretty rubbish day full of bus journeys, rain, and college... But at least it wasn't Monday. I left the house at ten and got to college at half one, that's got to be a record!

On the plus side I have a four day weekend and my birchbox just popped through my letterbox! It's looking very promising as well.

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  1. Awww sounds like such a crappy start to a day :/ I'm glad things got better though! After being sent home I probably would have gone home and taken a nap. Way to push through it! <3