Saturday, 8 February 2014

February who?

I realise we're so far into February that we're able to forget all the horrors January graces us with. School, Christmas weight, colder weather and by the end of it all the motivation you had at the start of the year has slipped away. But then February arrives and the new year doesn't seem so bad your getting into a routine (sort of) accepting that the joy of Christmas is over and Spring is on it's way. So why am I bringing it back up? You were so comfortable with February taking over and now you've been ambushed.

To be honest though February hasn't been kind, I've been really ill and I've missed too much school so now I'm in catch mode, boo! January right now would be welcomed back with open arms, so even though I'm eight days late I'll be reminiscing all the good things of 2014 so far with a favourites post.

January is when I discovered fish finger sandwiches, if your thinking gross. Stop, go make one and then come back because that's what I used to think. I literally ate one twenty minutes ago, they taste so nice.

 It's also when started using my wreck this journal:

 I got one for Christmas but the problem is I'm just not very creative. I was flicking through it when I found a page that basically sad to take a magazine page and circle words that stood out. This one was easy for me, I grabbed an issue of company and flicked to Matt's page, I love reading his. I just picked out a few random words and wrote them on the other side. It's not very creative but it gave me a little inspiration for the rest of the journal, if there any good I might even share them on here.

I've also started reading Mindy Kaling's after obsessing over The Mindy Project book:

It's sort of like an auto-biography but it's such an easy read and when I'm reading I feel like Mindy Kaling just wrote a bunch of blog posts and put them in a book, it's definitely a good read with chapters titled 'Don't Peak in High School, The Day I Stopped Eating Cupcakes and These are the Narcissistic Photos in My Blackberry.' 

And Lastly, if your looking for an mazing song to listen to that will amplify any moon then check out matchbox twenty: how far we've come. 

That's all for today lovelies, now lets get back to February.


  1. I really want to get a wreck this journal, they look so fun! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. I recently just got a wreck this journal! I love it. :) It's cool seeing your page. I'm always putting pics up of my wreck this journal on Instagram and love looking at other peoples. :)


  3. They are awesome aren't they! :)